Introducing New Box Lunches from Reception Hall Intl.

If you are planning a business or educational event and need to organize a lunch for participants, look no further than Reception Hall International.  We provide the best alternatives to a vending machine sandwich or a fast food hamburger. Prepared by our award-winning chef Dwayne L. Hairston, you and your co-workers or students will love the ease of convenience and food quality that our box lunches offer.

Gourmet Lunches for Your Next Event

The Reception Hall International lunch experience is a distinct and memorable one. You can rest assured that only the freshest ingredients are used in our cuisine, so that your lunch not only tastes great, it’s great for you as well.

What You Can Expect from Reception Hall International

A full nutritious lunch costs only $8-9, often less than so-called “convenience foods”.  If needed, we are able to accommodate special dietary requirements, as well.  On the day of your event or school function, you can either pick up your box lunches in the morning, or arrange to have them delivered on-time and fresh from one of our dedicated staff members. Either way, you’ll have a delicious lunch ready to eat on the go whenever you get hungry.

A box lunch from Reception Hall Intl. is filled by hand with an entrée, (usually a sandwich), a side item, a dessert, and a beverage (usually a water or a soda, depending on preference). Give us a call a few days in advance to find out what mouth-watering options will be available to your group.

Contacting Reception Hall International

Not all catering companies are created equal, and this is especially true of Reception Hall International. We always strive to provide you with an experience that not only satisfies you and your guests, but an experience that stands out among other catering company services in the State of Georgia. When you do business with Reception Hall Intl., you can rest assured that we will never cut corners or try to sneak in extra charges in the “fine print”. As a passionate local business, we always try to go above and beyond our duties to impress our clients in everything that we offer them, including our new box lunches.

To learn more about how we can make your lunch an easy, satisfying endeavor for your group or for your next event, please do not hesitate to contact your top caterers in Atlanta  (877) 847 4705. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Summer is Heating Up with King of Pops and Reception Hall Intl.!

Reception Hall International, the premier corporate catering company in Atlanta, GA is at it again with a great offer this summer that you will not want to miss.  Let’s just say that this offer will make your eyes, ears, and most importantly, your taste buds POP!  This summer, Reception Hall International will provide each of your guests with a special treat, compliments of King of Pops.

King of Pops has a special love for Atlanta because this is where it all began for them. Started from a vision of turning fresh fruit into frozen, decadent delights while traveling in Central America, King of Pops has grown from late-night kitchen experimentation and one lone “pop cart” to 15 carts, 4 area food trucks, retail presence, and a selection of 30 delicious popsicle flavors that are well-known and loved far and wide.  King of Pops, the fun, innovative Atlanta-based company known for its delicious frozen treats, is always excited to partner in the community and at special events.

Reception Hall International is continuing to set the bar high in the corporate catering world by providing superior, personalized, affordable service from the first point of contact until the last tablecloth is removed.  Your corporate event coordinator will keep the lines of communication open and address any questions or needs that you may have.  As always, your event will be designed to your specifications, and you will have a say in everything from the design to room set-up to the food.

We have always supported local business and commerce in Georgia, which is why we collaborate with local companies such as King of Pops and Raising the Bar.  Reception Hall International is excited about having King of Pops on board with us for our latest summer offer.

This summer, for clients that sign an annual contract with Reception Hall International, we will provide each of your guests a free popsicle compliments of King of Pops for your first event.  Not only will your guests receive the top-notch service, beautiful ambiance, and incredible food that Reception Hall International is known for, but they will also experience the best, most decadent frozen treat they’ve ever had.

Contact Reception Hall International today to schedule your corporate function, and you will be on your way to an expertly planned, specially designed event by the benchmark of Atlanta corporate catering.

Craft Service Tips for TV and Film Shoots

Many producers on film and television sets have learned the hard way that hungry crews are less productive than well-fed ones. It is not always enough to provide your crew with breakfast, lunch and dinner as shooting schedules may call for ten or twelve hour days. That is why the quality of the craft service you provide for your cast and crew is so critically important. Not only should meals provide energy boosts and fuel, there should be snack options available throughout the day. An easy rule of thumb is to provide variety, quality and longevity in the craft service food choices.


Among craft catering services for TV, variety is a wonderful perk for crew members. Cookies, pastries, doughnuts, fruit, vegetables, crackers, chips, beverages and candy are always favorites. While sweets appeal to most, healthy options tend to be the wiser choice, especially from a work performance standpoint. Here are a few ideas of both:

• Apples, bananas, pears

• Chopped carrots, broccoli, cauliflower with small pre-packed cups of dip

• Packaged granola bars

• Protein bars

• Doughnuts

• Pastries

• Rice cakes

• Package of string cheese


Generic brands are okay when you want to save money, but be wary of how your crew reacts to them. The last thing you want is for your crew to think they’re not worth the price of a name brand.


Provide snack foods that will stay fresh throughout the entire day. Individually packaged snacks are ideal as they come in appropriate single serving sizes and stay fresh until opened. Here are some ideas:

• Snack crackers

• Cookies

• Peanuts

• Mixed nuts

• Pistachios

• Cheese and crackers

• Chewing gums

• Packs of chewy fruit squares

• Wrapped mints

• Hard candies

As  a trusted Atlanta catering company Reception Hall International takes pride in offering  cost-effective, efficient catering while learning the favorite foods and tastes of the producers, staff, cast and crew of every project on which we work.

Our catering model provides workers with high quality food options in an organized, buffet-style setup that allows them to eat and get back to work as soon as possible. That way you can rest assured that your staff is well-fed and ready to perform at the drop of a dime.

Three Catering No-No’s to Avoid on Set

When you are on the movie set, choosing the right food to have catered for actors and crew members can be a big deal. Because shoots can last all day and even throughout the night, there needs to be some sort of sustenance available to keep everybody as alert and efficient as possible. While many larger production companies have their catering selections nailed down to a science (Tyler Perry Studios chooses to use Reception Hall Intl.), some smaller companies or independent film maker may be newer to the game. With that being said, if you’re in charge of arranging the catering menu for your production, be aware of the following “no-no’s” in regards to food and drink for cast and crew.

Alcohol on Set

It’s safe to say that those within the film industry are familiar with alcoholic beverages, but having them readily available for everyone to consume is just a bad idea. In fact, it could ruin the entire production. Having wine, beer or mixed drinks on set is one of the worst catering decisions that can be made. If at all possible, have alcohol completely banned from the shoot so you can avoid a drunken catastrophe altogether. After all, there will be plenty of alcohol to go around after work and at the wrap party.

Generic Foods

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having generic foods on set. It’s a great way to save some coin, but some would caution against having too many generic foods. Not because generic brands are substantially worse than name brands, but because your crew may interperate it the wrong way. If you give your crew too much cheap food, they may return the favor by providing you with subpar performance or work ethic. A good way to avoid this potential problem is to simply ask your cameramen and PA’s if they mind eating generic brands to save money, and acting accordingly.

Not Enough Food

This one should be a no-brainer, but it is absolutely necessary that you make sure that each and every member of the cast and crew (including yourself) has enough food to eat. That’s not to say that you need to provide enough for seconds or thirds, but there should be enough food for each person to have a full plate. Hungry actors and workers can make for an unproductive film shoot.

Catering On Set from Reception Hall Intl.

At Reception Hall Intl., we know that film production companies have to work within the monetary parameters that are given to them. Whether you need catering for an entire shoot or for one or two days, we’re here to exceed your expectations. Our award-winning chef will provide you with the highest quality cuisine in the industry at the most reasonable price points in Atlanta, and our staff will be available and ready to work with your production team whenever you need us. Movie production catering in Atlanta has never been easier.

Contact Reception Hall Intl. today to begin crafting the catering menu for your next movie shoot, so that you can focus on producing the next film that takes the world by storm.

Atlanta Corporate Catering for Every Budget

In the strange economic times that we are in today, it can be hard to justify opening up your wallet to pay for an Atlanta corporate catering company like Reception Hall Intl. to cater your next company event. The fact is that catering services may be cheaper than you think, and great catering always goes a long way in helping everyone at your event enjoy themselves more.

Keep reading to find out a few ways that a catering company can help you with your next corporate event or party:

Order the complete package – This is the option that many businesses and organizations use the most often, as the catering company does all of the work for you. This includes consultation through the planning phases, setup of your event, food preparation, food service, and wrap-up of your event. The only thing that you will have to worry about is how much food you can squeeze into your stomach.

You provide the venue, we provide the rest – If you prefer off-premise catering, then this is the way to go. You will get all of the benefits of the complete package, but at the venue of your choice. This is a great option if you are tired of holding events in the same old place. Holding an outdoor event or an event at a talked-about venue will freshen things up and make your guests happy at the same time.

Delivery – This is a great option if you want the cutting-edge cuisine that catering companies like Reception Hall Intl. offer, but are OK with setting up your event and cleaning up after all is said and done. If you’re looking to save a little bit of money, consider having your custom cuisine delivered to your next company party.

When you are ready to start planning the next event for your business or organization, give Reception Hall Intl. a call. We’ll walk you through the planning process, let you sample our cuisine, and help you put on an event that won’t soon be forgotten.

Atlanta Corporate Catering: Good vs. Great

In order to be successful as a business, the owners and employees alike need to put forth plenty of hard work and train as often as possible to learn new skills that apply to the industry that they are in. In the world of Atlanta corporate catering, this is no different. That is one of the reasons why Reception Hall Intl. has been successful over the years: because we are constantly adjusting and reviewing our cuisine menu, while always looking for new ways to become more efficient and effective in what we do.

But you may be wondering, what exactly makes a caterer not only good, but great? Keep on reading to find out.

Food Safety – Of course one of the first things that great corporate caterers in Atlanta must have in their repertoire is outstanding food. But what is outstanding food without really great food safety? All too often caterers have very poor food safety standards behind the scenes, but great companies make sure to follow all food safety guidelines all of the time.

Creativity and Flexibility – It is inevitable that caterers get special requests in regards to the cuisine that they are serving. Sometimes there are restrictions on certain foods because of religious preferences or allergy concerns. A great catering company will be able to adjust their menu in creative and imaginative ways to deal with whatever concerns or restrictions that there may be for a corporate event.

Food – No matter how splendidly decorated a venue is, or how riveting or informational a corporate event is to guests, a catering company is not going to earn repeat business if the food is awful. Having great food seems like a no brainer, but it is absolutely essential to succeed as a great catering company.

If you are looking for a truly great corporate catering company that stands out from the rest of the pack, and embodies the qualities that you have read above, make sure you contact Reception Hall Intl. today to see how we can help you create an unforgettable event.

Catering the Big Meeting- Atlanta Catering


You have a marathon meeting coming up, or the boss is coming in from out of town, or there is an important client coming in to talk about their account. These and a thousand other corporate events are all great opportunities to stand out and make a good impression. One way to do just that is to ensure that tasty treats are provided to your meeting attendees through the use of a corporate caterer. Whether your meeting or event is at your office or offsite, having the event catered can make it more pleasant, more productive, and potentially more beneficial for your business and career.


First, let’s talk about impressions. If you have a corporate retreat or team building event, or the head of your department is flying in from the home office for a meeting with you, your boss, and a few other people, having something brought in that is a step above the break room coffee and stale donuts you usually have for staff meetings will signal to her that you recognize the importance of this meeting and her position within the company. It also sends a message that you recognize the importance of details. The same is true if you are having a meeting with an important client or potential client.


Regardless of your business, small touches like this are a hallmark of good service, and are one way to signal to your clients that they are important to you, and to help you and your company stand out in their mind.


When you are having a meeting with attendees from other parts of the country or parts of the world, catering is a great way to acknowledge cultural differences and make your guests feel at home. The time-honored tradition of breaking bread also helps dispel awkwardness and makes every gathering that much more pleasant. Consider a continental breakfast for a morning meeting, with muffins, juice, coffee, tea, and other gourmet pastries. Offer coffee, tea, and an assortment of not-so-sweet cakes or pastries for an afternoon meeting, particularly if you have European attendees at your meeting, as many countries, Germany in particular, often have a “coffee and cake” break in the mid-afternoon. If you are having guests from Great Britain or Ireland, consider adding a few light sandwiches to the afternoon catered spread, in a nod to the tea time tradition. It goes without saying that meetings that are held at or that will last through meal times should include a full catered meal. Go for a boxed lunch if you want to work through the meal, or take a lunch or dinner break and offer a buffet style hot meal. Remember to include options for the vegetarians in your group, and at least one option that covers any other dietary requirements (Kosher, Halal, etc.).



Not only is a catered corporate meeting or event more pleasant than the alternative, it can put you as the one who suggests it on the boss’s radar in a good way. Catered meetings are also more productive meetings. Hungry employees are distracted employees. If everyone is slipping out for a lunch break here, a coffee break there, or a snack machine run who knows when, then no one is on the same page. If, on the other hand, food is easily accessible and taken care of by a third party, you and your team can focus on the work at hand and get more done.


For additional information regarding Atlanta catering at your next corporate event, contact us today for specials and current packages.


Atlanta Sweet Sixteen Invitations

Long before the party begins, an invitation sets the tone. It helps clue your guests in to the theme of your Sweet 16 and what the atmosphere will be like. Few times in a young person’s life is the tone that is set for the party more important than the sixteenth birthday. That said, here are five customizable sixteenth birthday party invitation ideas to match just about any personality.

Music Theme Blowout

For the rock and roll girl or guy throwing a music themed blowout, why not send invitations that are themselves concert tickets, or at least modeled after concert tickets? Give your friends a VIP, all access pass to your big birthday bash with these concert ticket style invitations. Better yet, for a small group party, or if you have the money to burn, meet guests at the door with actual concert tickets and move the party to a real rock and roll venue for a killer surprise.

View Invitation Here







Some teens are more into elegance than others and may want a grown up evening of tasteful celebration, or perhaps you are throwing  a family dinner type party before the no holds barred dancing commences. Invite the select group of guests to your Sweet16 birthday dinner with these or similar elegantly styled gate-fold invitations tied with a ribbon.

View Invitation Here




Artistic Elegance

For those with a more quirky personality, aspiring photographers, or the teen who simply can’t step away from Instagram, this Z-fold invitation gives you the opportunity to treat your guest to not just one, but six different photographs, along with all the particulars about your upcoming Sweet 16 party.

View Invitation Here




Girls Night

Sometimes girls just want to have fun. Whether a night on the town, a dance party in, a sleepover with cupcakes, popcorn and footie pajamas, or some other theme unique to you, this simple black invite with pink writing will do the trick to get your guests to your party and keep them guessing as to what the festivities will be like until they actually arrive to see what you have in store.

View Invitation Here






The Fashionista

Last, but certainly not least, for the fashionista teen or future model, this invitation combines elegance and whimsy. While we aren’t generally huge fans of the self portrait on an invitation – after all, presumably your guests already know what you look like – the styling of this invitation provides a great excuse to get fancied up for a photo shoot in order to get the perfect pic to to add to your glamazon invitation before you send them out. Use this one for a fashion themed Sweet 16 party, a night on the town, mani, pedis with the girls, or any other theme that focuses on celebrating the beauty – inside and out – of the birthday girl.

View Invitation Here


Whether you choose an invitation from this list or go your own direction, remember that the invitation sets the tone of your party weeks before your guests arrive. Choose an invitation that reflects your personality and the theme of your Atlanta Sweet 16, but that leaves you some flexibility for making last minute changes without confusing your guests.

For additional information on your Sweet 16 event, contact your Banquet Hall in Atlanta today!


Benefits of Catering at Your Next Corporate Event


When planning your next corporate event or lunch-in, no matter how lavish, simplicity should always be your watchword. That seems like an oxymoron, but bear with us. Remember that your guests are ultimately there to mix and mingle with colleagues and spend time with you, while being within their work environment. The decor, food, theme, etc. – those are all just window dressing. A truly successful event is one that everyone can enjoy, even you- the host. One classic way to achieve this illusive feat is to delegate responsibility for feeding the hungry horde to a professional catering service.


Depending on the size of your company party and your budget, catering services can range from dropping off food that you set out for a buffet style spread to a full-service sit down meal complete with uniformed waitstaff, tablescapes and the whole nine yards. Whatever the price point and however extravagant the company event, breaking bread with one’s host is a tradition that dates back thousands of years. From ancient times when this ritual was a tacit “I won’t kill you and you won’t kill me” agreement to today, where the food is often what’s remembered longest about a good celebration, groups of people getting their snack on together have a long and illustrious history. Letting a professional caterer handle the nuts and bolts of this important party aspect means you can focus on the fun stuff – mingling with your guests and enjoying your event – instead of last minute beer runs or making sure that the shrimp cocktail is kept on ice.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when planning a corporate event, always decide on a budget and pinky swear to stick to it. This is even more important once you decide to start hiring services like professional caterers. Choose a caterer that works with the foods you enjoy and the theme you want for your company party and that is within your budget. If you need to cut corners to make it work, look at cutting things like the number of dishes on the menu or the service style. Buffet, for example, is cheaper than a plated dinner service, and also makes much more sense for a backyard barbecue.





Remember that the point of hiring your corporate caterer is so that you can have great food at your company party without driving yourself insane – and still be able to enjoy your colleagues. Decide on your menu and your theme up front, have a tasting ahead of time to approve the menu, and on the day of the party, stay out of the way!



You want to be on hand and available should anything go wrong that needs your attention, but you hired the service so you wouldn’t have to be in the kitchen – So. Don’t. Be. In. The. Kitchen. Go mingle! Have a drink! Enjoy your party, and trust your caterer to provide the fabulous food you approved for the price you agreed upon while you relax with your guests.

For additional information about hiring caterers for your next corporate event, contact our specialists today! Whether you are planning a lunch-in or a full event, we are the Atlanta caterers you can trust!


7 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Wedding Cake

Number 1: Why white cakes?

Why are most wedding cakes white? As with most things wedding related, the color of the wedding cake is all about symbolism. Just like the dress, the white cake symbolizes the purity and virginity of the bride. So all those parents out there who get all worked up about their little girl wearing white to the wedding and then have no problem with a colorful explosion of a wedding cake…yeah… For our two cents, it’s either go all out with the tradition and symbolism or say to heck with it and have the wedding that you want. It is 2013, after all, right?

Number 2: Symbolism

Adding insult to injury, the venerable tradition of the wedding cake was not even what we currently think of as cake until the Victorian era. At its earliest beginnings in Ancient Rome, the wedding cake was a “cake” of grain that was broken over the bride’s or sometimes the couple’s head(s) as (yet another) fertility symbol and wish. Later it became a “bride’s pie,” which could be extremely elaborate, sometimes including live animals like birds, or even snakes!

Number 3: History

Not only did Queen Victoria, venerable style icon that she was, set the tone for many of our attitudes about marriage and life in general, she even helped popularize the wedding cake itself. Queen Victoria’s wedding included an extremely elaborate cake with pure white icing and royal figures made out of said icing. The type of icing used on Queen Victoria’s cake is what today is called Royal Icing, so called because it was first popularized by a queen. Although now less popular on wedding cakes, this confection is still used in a number of applications including cookies, gingerbread houses, and any other place where a pure white, hard icing is called for.





Number 4: Grooms Cake

On the other end of the symbolism spectrum is the now primarily southern tradition of the Groom’s Cake. This cake was usually fruitcake, and was a symbol of the groom’s fertility!



Number 5: The first cake known

The very earliest known sweet wedding cake was recorded in 1655 and was a type of cake called “banbury cake.” Banbury cake bears little resemblance to modern wedding cake, however. It is a flat, oval shaped, spiced pastry filled with currants and generally served with tea. To the modern palate that may sound distinctly uninspiring, but in a time when the ingredients for an actual cake were prohibitively expensive, something as fancy as Banbury cake would have been a real treat.

Number 6: Ingredients

As ingredients for what we now think of as cake became more available and less expensive, the go-to cake for wedding cake, or “bride’s cake” as it was then known, was a white pound cake. This cake would be covered in white frosting. All of which was, of course, fraught with symbolism.




Number 7: The infamous cake topper

The cake topper is actually a holdover from the 1950’s. Modern cake toppers range from the traditional to whimsical depictions of the couple to the abstract and are generally in keeping with the overall decorative theme of the reception, while traditionally they were representations of the bride and groom in formal attire and symbolized the togetherness of the couple.




As the number one Banquet Hall in Atlanta, we specialize in accommodating all of your wedding needs. For additional information about Catering- Atlanta, Atlanta Event Planners, Atlanta Event Facilities, or additional wedding services, contact our professional staff today!