Atlanta Sweet Sixteen Invitations

Long before the party begins, an invitation sets the tone. It helps clue your guests in to the theme of your Sweet 16 and what the atmosphere will be like. Few times in a young person’s life is the tone that is set for the party more important than the sixteenth birthday. That said, here are five customizable sixteenth birthday party invitation ideas to match just about any personality.

Music Theme Blowout

For the rock and roll girl or guy throwing a music themed blowout, why not send invitations that are themselves concert tickets, or at least modeled after concert tickets? Give your friends a VIP, all access pass to your big birthday bash with these concert ticket style invitations. Better yet, for a small group party, or if you have the money to burn, meet guests at the door with actual concert tickets and move the party to a real rock and roll venue for a killer surprise.

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Some teens are more into elegance than others and may want a grown up evening of tasteful celebration, or perhaps you are throwing  a family dinner type party before the no holds barred dancing commences. Invite the select group of guests to your Sweet16 birthday dinner with these or similar elegantly styled gate-fold invitations tied with a ribbon.

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Artistic Elegance

For those with a more quirky personality, aspiring photographers, or the teen who simply can’t step away from Instagram, this Z-fold invitation gives you the opportunity to treat your guest to not just one, but six different photographs, along with all the particulars about your upcoming Sweet 16 party.

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Girls Night

Sometimes girls just want to have fun. Whether a night on the town, a dance party in, a sleepover with cupcakes, popcorn and footie pajamas, or some other theme unique to you, this simple black invite with pink writing will do the trick to get your guests to your party and keep them guessing as to what the festivities will be like until they actually arrive to see what you have in store.

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The Fashionista

Last, but certainly not least, for the fashionista teen or future model, this invitation combines elegance and whimsy. While we aren’t generally huge fans of the self portrait on an invitation – after all, presumably your guests already know what you look like – the styling of this invitation provides a great excuse to get fancied up for a photo shoot in order to get the perfect pic to to add to your glamazon invitation before you send them out. Use this one for a fashion themed Sweet 16 party, a night on the town, mani, pedis with the girls, or any other theme that focuses on celebrating the beauty – inside and out – of the birthday girl.

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Whether you choose an invitation from this list or go your own direction, remember that the invitation sets the tone of your party weeks before your guests arrive. Choose an invitation that reflects your personality and the theme of your Atlanta Sweet 16, but that leaves you some flexibility for making last minute changes without confusing your guests.

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Basics To Planning Your Sweet 16- Banquet Halls in Atlanta

If you have a daughter who’s about to be 16, chances are you’re thinking about THE party… the Sweet Sixteen. You probably have a lot of questions running through your mind right now, not the least pressing of which is “how much is this going to cost me?,” followed shortly by, “can I afford a huge party with a reception hall?,” or “do I even need/does she want a huge party with a wedding venue style banquet hall?” Put the Maalox down and back away slowly. We’ve got you covered. Read on for some tips on planning a killer Sweet Sixteen party that will wow your teenager and won’t break the bank.


When planning ANY party, from a Sweet Sixteen to to a simple toddler birthday, decide on your budget first. For you big picture thinkers, this may seem like a buzz kill, but trust us, it will save you headaches later. When planning a Sweet Sixteen, there are special budget considerations to keep in mind. Remember that your daughter is approaching college age. While she may think that a major blowout with Ludacris as a special guest is The. Best. Thing. Ever. today, she won’t be so pleased in two years when you tell her that you spent her college fund on the party.

Once you’ve decided on your budget (and pinky sworn with yourself to stick to it), decide whether to involve your teenager in planning. Unless you know she wants THIS party to be a surprise, we vote yes. She’s feeling pretty grown up right about now, and will likely enjoy being able to take some credit for planning an awesome party. She may also have particular tastes or quirks that you don’t even know about, (that’s right folks, teenagers don’t tell us everything), so having her help means she gets the party she wants, not the party you think she wants.



Be up front with your daughter about your presence at the party and limits to activities and what will not be allowed. You are dealing with a group teenagers who feel very adult. Set rules about alcohol (no) and whether the party will be co-ed. Agree on a time for the party to wrap up, and chaperone interaction. Depending on party theme,chaperones may be cleverly disguised as waiters, chauffeurs, movie ushers, etc., but they should be there.



Next, turn to theme in your planning. If you have community standards to live up to, then your hands may be a bit tied. If that’s the case, go with what’s community-approved, and insert your daughter’s personality and preferences where you can without breaking the bank. Check wedding and Quinceanera websites for tips on fashion and decoration if your community standards run to the formal. For the rest of you, the sky is the limit. Pick a theme that works with your daughter’s personality and your budget.


Think spa day for girly girls, night-on-the-town for glamour girls, English garden party for the Downtown Abbey lover, etc. Hire/buy services such as  invitations, caterers, reception halls, DJ’s, etc. as your budget allows, or create home-versions of the same with your daughter’s input. And finally, relax and enjoy your daughter enjoying her milestone birthday.

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