7 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Wedding Cake

Number 1: Why white cakes?

Why are most wedding cakes white? As with most things wedding related, the color of the wedding cake is all about symbolism. Just like the dress, the white cake symbolizes the purity and virginity of the bride. So all those parents out there who get all worked up about their little girl wearing white to the wedding and then have no problem with a colorful explosion of a wedding cake…yeah… For our two cents, it’s either go all out with the tradition and symbolism or say to heck with it and have the wedding that you want. It is 2013, after all, right?

Number 2: Symbolism

Adding insult to injury, the venerable tradition of the wedding cake was not even what we currently think of as cake until the Victorian era. At its earliest beginnings in Ancient Rome, the wedding cake was a “cake” of grain that was broken over the bride’s or sometimes the couple’s head(s) as (yet another) fertility symbol and wish. Later it became a “bride’s pie,” which could be extremely elaborate, sometimes including live animals like birds, or even snakes!

Number 3: History

Not only did Queen Victoria, venerable style icon that she was, set the tone for many of our attitudes about marriage and life in general, she even helped popularize the wedding cake itself. Queen Victoria’s wedding included an extremely elaborate cake with pure white icing and royal figures made out of said icing. The type of icing used on Queen Victoria’s cake is what today is called Royal Icing, so called because it was first popularized by a queen. Although now less popular on wedding cakes, this confection is still used in a number of applications including cookies, gingerbread houses, and any other place where a pure white, hard icing is called for.





Number 4: Grooms Cake

On the other end of the symbolism spectrum is the now primarily southern tradition of the Groom’s Cake. This cake was usually fruitcake, and was a symbol of the groom’s fertility!



Number 5: The first cake known

The very earliest known sweet wedding cake was recorded in 1655 and was a type of cake called “banbury cake.” Banbury cake bears little resemblance to modern wedding cake, however. It is a flat, oval shaped, spiced pastry filled with currants and generally served with tea. To the modern palate that may sound distinctly uninspiring, but in a time when the ingredients for an actual cake were prohibitively expensive, something as fancy as Banbury cake would have been a real treat.

Number 6: Ingredients

As ingredients for what we now think of as cake became more available and less expensive, the go-to cake for wedding cake, or “bride’s cake” as it was then known, was a white pound cake. This cake would be covered in white frosting. All of which was, of course, fraught with symbolism.




Number 7: The infamous cake topper

The cake topper is actually a holdover from the 1950’s. Modern cake toppers range from the traditional to whimsical depictions of the couple to the abstract and are generally in keeping with the overall decorative theme of the reception, while traditionally they were representations of the bride and groom in formal attire and symbolized the togetherness of the couple.




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Some Interesting Wedding Facts | Atlanta Wedding Venues

Being a new bride is one of the most exciting adventures that most young women will fall into at some point during their lives. Though every story starts differently, somewhere along the path, they draw in similar strategies to planning their big days. Over the past year, TheKnot and Wedding Wire have tracked down statistics related to brides. Below we have listed the most intriguing facts about the wedding industry and our brides all over the world.


Top 20 Wedding Facts for Brides to Know:


  • There are approximately 2.4 million weddings per year in America
  • The top wedding destination is Las Vegas, which has about 100,000 weddings per year on average
  • The least expensive location in the US to get married is West Virginia- average cost is about $14,000
  • The most expensive location in the US to get married is Manhattan- average cost is about $66,000
  • The most popular month for weddings to occur is June- then May, August, September, and October
  • 35% of weddings occur in the Summer- 29% in the Spring- 23% in the Fall- and 13% in the Winter (which 11% of Winter weddings being Christmas weddings)
  • There is an average of 175 guests invited to a wedding
  • The average age for brides is 29, groom is 30
  • The average honeymoon is approximately one week
  • One third of brides reach out to a wedding consultant for planning
  • Most brides begin to plan their weddings 7-12 months out
  • Americans spend approximately $72 billion per year on weddings
  • An average of $19 billion is spent on wedding gifts for the newly weds by their attending guests
  • The average wedding party is about twelve
  • Most popular wedding color is blue- 30%, purple- 25%, and green- 24%
  • Average cost of a wedding venue is roughly $12,000-$13,000 (of course you can always check out our affordable Atlanta Wedding Venue packages)
  • Hawaii has the oldest brides starting at age 31 and Utah has the youngest, starting at the age 26
  • Average engagement period is 16 months
  • Average spent on wedding planner is between $1,700- $2,000
  • The most popular month to get engaged is December


This just goes to show much time and planning goes into creating a special moment between two people. So to all our new brides out there, it is time for you to start the wedding planning adventure and make your own path down the isle to your Mr. Right. With the proper tools and fun facts, your journey will start in no time.

Budget friendly ideas when booking your wedding venue

Weddings, though exciting, are one of the most expensive experiences in one’s lifetime. From the time of engagement, to renting venues, to preparing gifts, selecting a dress, booking vendors, and all the other little details in between, your costs will add up very quickly. There are a few ways you can save and it starts with the bigger details.  Once you have the bigger, most expensive details, prioritized with your budget, the rest of your wedding planning will be a piece of cake.  Below are the first and foremost steps you can take to start your savings bundle.


  • Consider having your wedding day on any day other than Saturday.

Saturdays are the most popular days to have weddings on. Therefore, they become the most expensive when booking your Atlanta wedding venue. Fridays are popular days as well, but surprisingly, cheaper. If possible, choose a weekday to have your wedding and give your guests plenty of time to take off in advance. This detail may seem trivial, but it can save you and your spouse a lot of money when it is time for you to book your venue.


  • Consider having your wedding ceremony and reception during the day.

Similar to choosing the day for your wedding, the choice of time is important as well. Having an evening wedding can add to your costs. Again, this is because they are the most popular. We all understand the time it takes to get ready and make sure the final details are perfect, but if you can plan ahead and have your special day during brunch or early afternoon, you will be amazed at the amount of money you can save.


  • Have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location.

Save yourself the hassle of constantly moving around and choose a venue that will cater to both your ceremony and reception. This detail makes it easy not just on you two, but for you guests and vendors as well.


  • Creating a reasonable guest list.

This may be the hardest part to creating a budget friendly wedding, but keeping a reasonable guest list can make all the difference in cost. Every guest and their plus one will cost you money. So be practical when inviting your loved ones. Keep it simple and keep those you have not spoken to in years off the list for now.


  • Stick to your ceremony and reception schedules.

When choosing your vendor, you sign a contract with them for a certain amount of time. If you go over that time, you will end up paying more. So keep this factor in mind and book appropriate time frames and stick to them throughout the day of.

Creating a budget friendly wedding can be difficult, but it can be done. Being selective on the day of your wedding, the time of day, one wedding venue, guest count, and keeping on track with the final schedule can save you big bucks in the end. Before you know it, your savings bundle will be large and ready to put towards your first home or even better, your honeymoon.

What’s a wedding without a cake?

What is a wedding without a wedding cake? Have you ever been a guest at the wedding where you remember how amazing the cake was? Or maybe how horrible it was? Wedding cakes are a great way to make a scene at any wedding and if you answered the questions before this, you clearly know they make a memory for many of your guests as well. They are one of the many items at a wedding that can say so many words without saying anything at all. Here are a few secrets to designing a wedding cake that your guests are sure to remember.

Flavors and several layers create excitement for everyone. Not only can you incorporate all the flavors you and your groom love, you can build it to compliment your style. Having one layer brings out a softer, simpler side of you both, whereas having several layers creates a bolder, more dramatic ensemble. Another fun design I have come across is using cupcakes to form the shape of your cake. This is a really unique idea to add into your special day. Not only can you have as many flavors as you want, but it is also easier to serve to your guests. Keep in mind that in many traditions, the top of the cake is used for the christening of your first child. So if this is a tradition you wish to follow, make sure you add the extra layer on top to take home.


The best part to designing your own wedding cake is the actual design. You can bring your cake to life with so many little details. Flowers, icing, fondant, candied pearls, and additional figurines can be added to your cake to bring out the creative side of you both. Add as little or as many colors, as you want to make your cake pop.  Get creative and be the couple that had the amazing cake everyone is talking about, not the dull cake that makes your guests want to redesign it when they look at it.

The final topping to every cake is the cake topper. Cake toppers are a great way to have something fun and quirky to resemble your relationship with your groom. It can be a simple figurine of the two of you holding hands or kissing, or it can be something completely surprising and fun like the bride dragging the groom off by his collar as he plays his video games. This is the final touch to adding a little of the two of you to the cake, so make it memorable and as fun as you want it to be.


Now that we have fun flavors, layer after layer, and a creative design, your cake is ready to show off on your special day. Whether you choose a simpler design, go bold and dramatic, or get a little inspired with cupcakes, featuring both of your styles into the designing process will add that unique touch needed to bring your cake to life. You only have one day to have fun and create all the memories you ever wanted as a little girl. Play around with a few ideas and do not be afraid to be as creative as you want on your special day.