7 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Wedding Cake

Number 1: Why white cakes?

Why are most wedding cakes white? As with most things wedding related, the color of the wedding cake is all about symbolism. Just like the dress, the white cake symbolizes the purity and virginity of the bride. So all those parents out there who get all worked up about their little girl wearing white to the wedding and then have no problem with a colorful explosion of a wedding cake…yeah… For our two cents, it’s either go all out with the tradition and symbolism or say to heck with it and have the wedding that you want. It is 2013, after all, right?

Number 2: Symbolism

Adding insult to injury, the venerable tradition of the wedding cake was not even what we currently think of as cake until the Victorian era. At its earliest beginnings in Ancient Rome, the wedding cake was a “cake” of grain that was broken over the bride’s or sometimes the couple’s head(s) as (yet another) fertility symbol and wish. Later it became a “bride’s pie,” which could be extremely elaborate, sometimes including live animals like birds, or even snakes!

Number 3: History

Not only did Queen Victoria, venerable style icon that she was, set the tone for many of our attitudes about marriage and life in general, she even helped popularize the wedding cake itself. Queen Victoria’s wedding included an extremely elaborate cake with pure white icing and royal figures made out of said icing. The type of icing used on Queen Victoria’s cake is what today is called Royal Icing, so called because it was first popularized by a queen. Although now less popular on wedding cakes, this confection is still used in a number of applications including cookies, gingerbread houses, and any other place where a pure white, hard icing is called for.





Number 4: Grooms Cake

On the other end of the symbolism spectrum is the now primarily southern tradition of the Groom’s Cake. This cake was usually fruitcake, and was a symbol of the groom’s fertility!



Number 5: The first cake known

The very earliest known sweet wedding cake was recorded in 1655 and was a type of cake called “banbury cake.” Banbury cake bears little resemblance to modern wedding cake, however. It is a flat, oval shaped, spiced pastry filled with currants and generally served with tea. To the modern palate that may sound distinctly uninspiring, but in a time when the ingredients for an actual cake were prohibitively expensive, something as fancy as Banbury cake would have been a real treat.

Number 6: Ingredients

As ingredients for what we now think of as cake became more available and less expensive, the go-to cake for wedding cake, or “bride’s cake” as it was then known, was a white pound cake. This cake would be covered in white frosting. All of which was, of course, fraught with symbolism.




Number 7: The infamous cake topper

The cake topper is actually a holdover from the 1950’s. Modern cake toppers range from the traditional to whimsical depictions of the couple to the abstract and are generally in keeping with the overall decorative theme of the reception, while traditionally they were representations of the bride and groom in formal attire and symbolized the togetherness of the couple.




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Banquet Halls in Atlanta- Top 10 Summer Wedding Ideas




Summer is unquestionably wedding season. The weather is warm, flowers are blooming, and love is in the air. Vacation season is in full swing, so it’s the perfect time for an exotic honeymoon getaway, too. Here are ten colorful, refreshing ideas to beat the heat and bring summer fun to your wedding celebration.





For an outdoor wedding, go ahead and own that it is a little less formal than a church wedding. Your guests will be looking to stay comfortable and have a good time. The last thing you want is for your guests to say “I’m sure it was a nice ceremony, but it was sweltering hot and the sun was in my eyes the whole time so I couldn’t see anything.” Keep the glare at bay by passing out sunglasses for your guests. You can have ushers hand them out, keep baskets at the ends of the aisles, or simply place a pair on each chair before the ceremony.


An added bonus? cute shades make a fun wedding favor reminder of a breezy summer ceremony. If you don’t like the look of shades, consider umbrellas to shade your guests from the rays, or offer a combo – parasols for the ladies and shades for the gents. Weather in your neck of the woods not so breezy? Let your guests create their own breeze and keep gnats at bay with personal fans. Again they can be passed, offered in baskets, or placed at chairs prior to the ceremony and they make a fun wedding favor.



After the ceremony, make sure you have a cocktail hour that gives your guests a chance to mingle and cool off with a refreshing beverage. Start by giving your guests some shade if your cocktail hour is outdoors. You don’t have to go all traditional-white-tent on this one. Stick with a smaller tent, some strategically placed umbrellas, or even an outdoor patio or two. Once you get the guests in the shade, liven things up with some ice cold summer cocktails like a margarita or a mojito. Stick to the cool and refreshing.


Remember, it’s hot out there! Instead of (or in addition to!) the more traditional nibbles that get served at cocktail hour, consider adding a touch of childhood whimsy to your summer shindig with ice cream. Many gourmet ice cream shops will create a signature flavor just for your special day. You can also combine the two ideas – refreshing adult beverages and childhood whimsy – and serve boozy milkshakes to liven the party. If your party runs to the wee hours, consider a late night ice cream sundae bar to reward the party goers who stick it out with you to the end.

As for aesthetics, our summer pick goes to color. Color color color everywhere. Think colorful flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces, colorful table runners and decorations, and colorful, nontraditional place card holders, like ripe summer fruit. It’s plentiful, it’s inexpensive, and it will add an unexpected touch to your special day, not to mention that a table full of ripe peaches smells just fabulous. Set off your colorful tablescapes and flowers with an assortment of hanging lanterns in interesting shapes and sizes and you’re set to have an unforgettable summer wedding.

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Benefits Of Cocktail Hour- Atlanta Wedding Specialists


In planning an Atlanta wedding, one thing many budget conscious couples ask is, “do we really need a cocktail hour?” While you can schedule your wedding day festivities as tightly as possible, the reality is that your guests are going to spend at least a little time waiting around for you between the ceremony and your reception.

After all, the reception doesn’t start until you get there, and even if you take your photos before the ceremony and instruct the caterers to have the food ready precisely 45 minutes after your ceremony begins in order to minimize waiting, things happen, delays occur, and there’s a good chance your guests will spend some time milling about, waiting for you to arrive. Frankly, it’s nice to give folks a little refreshment while they wait.

Also, for many guests the cocktail hour is the highlight of the party. This is the time when guests mingle and chat, meet new people, sample signature cocktails (or mocktails if that’s your preference), and try sweet and nibble on appetizers in a more laid back environment before the reception gets going in full swing. Remember that this may be the only time that Cousin Mona from Ft. Lauderdale has seen Aunt Letty who lives in Seattle in several years, and they’d like to have a chance to chat over a refreshing beverage and some snacks before going in to dinner. An added benefit is that a cocktail hour gives you a little breathing room, so you don’t have to rush from the ceremony directly to the reception.  Do not underestimate the power of the “holy cow, I just got married” realization. Respect it, and plan to give yourself a few minute to breathe here and there throughout the day.




Once you’ve decided to have a cocktail hour, you owe it to yourself and your guests to make it the best cocktail hour possible, whatever your budget. If you’re having a formal reception, consider a more laid back, lounge-y cocktail hour. Provide enough seating so that older guests and guests with mobility concerns can sit, but not so much that everyone parks it in a chair and mingling is stifled. For drinks, consider a signature cocktail or cocktails – something that reflects your personality as a couple or the theme of your wedding overall. If you are cutting corners cash-wise, limit the type of drinks offered, but don’t go the cash bar route. Open bar is always better, even if it means a wine/beer only bar, or a nonalcoholic “mocktail” hour. Consider buffet-style snacks rather than formal wait staff and fancy hors d’oeuvres. Another fun twist on the cocktail hour is a coffee bar, or iced coffee bar if it’s hot, and small, sweet treats like little cakes. It’s not enough to spoil guests’ appetite for dinner, but a nice change from the traditional.




Remember to provide enough options so there’s something for everyone, and take into account any special dietary restrictions. If you are having a real “cocktail” hour, provide at least one, preferably a couple of nonalcoholic options for the non-drinkers and designated drivers at your event. If your party is kid-friendly, set up a few activity stations, like a photo booth, bocce ball, croquet, or other themed activities to keep the kids (and adults!) active and happy while they wait for your grand entrance.



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Trendiest Wedding Dresses – Atlanta Banquet Hall

It’s here, ladies, Atlanta Wedding Season! – Here’s a look at all popular wedding dress trends we’re seeing on the runways for the Spring/Summer 2013 wedding season. Happy shopping to all of our Atlanta brides from your Banquet Hall in AtlantaReception Hall International!

Bling Is In!

Bling is definitely in this season. From the judicious jeweled accent to the fully bedazzled bodice, sparkle never fully went out of style, and it is certainly making a comeback in 2013.

Reserved Looks

Since Princess Katherine stunned in a long sleeved number at the royal wedding, the more demure, covered up look has been making a comeback, and are ruling the runways this season. Far from frumpy, though, the sleeves we are seeing are fun and flirty and a great way to show off the individual personality of a bride. From fitted lace that mimics full tattoo sleeves to billowing, slightly sheer arms gathered at the cuff that add a vintage, hippie-chic feel to your big day, sleeves are back in a big way.

Key Hole Back

Covered up does not have to mean “not sexy,” and the keyhole back is one trend that makes sure of that. Keyhole backs making appearances this season vary from the form fitting dress with an almost completely open back to the tantalizing glimpse of bare skin provided by a looser fitting, draped keyhole or simple slit-back. All of these provide a dose of sophisticated sex appeal that’s a step away from your standard-issue, sleeveless corset topped dress.



Bow Ties Are Back!

Another old trend that’s new again is the bow accent. This season’s bows are not the dreaded butt-bows of yesteryear. Small, structured accent bows are making appearances on belts, veils, shoulders, and headpieces. Bolder brides can rock the oversized and more deconstructed bow accents in a variety of colors and dress placements.


Softer Peplums

Somewhat harsh, structured peplums were a trend that we saw in previous seasons. This has been replaced by a softer, cascading peplum in varying lengths that is flattering to more body types. We’re seeing it in the usual waist-accent on top of a longer skirt placement, but also as the style of the skirt itself. Bold floral accents also continue to hold strong this season, from the small, well placed flower accent to skirts designed to mimic the shape of a flower in and of themselves.

Mixing Fabrics Up

This season, designers are not afraid to mix fabrics. Brides won’t have to choose between lace and tulle in Spring/Summer 2013, because bold designers are taking the bull by the horns and pairing the two together to make dresses that show off the best of both worlds.


The so-called “illusion neckline” is another strong trend this season. An otherwise strapless dress has a higher collar/neck of a more sheer material, creating the illusion of a strapless look, while offering demure coverage and a more flattering look on a variety of body types. This look also allows brides to pair the “strapless” look with the long sleeves and/or keyhole back looks that are popular this season.

Gold Is The New White

Most seasons there is a popular color in addition to traditional white. This year the winner is…GOLD. we see gold sparkle, solid gold dresses, gold accents, gold gold gold. We’re not talking scarey 1970’s gold lamé here. We’re talking classy, rich, buttery golden hues across the spectrum. Of course, if what you’re into is the gold disco ball look, you can probably find that…which leads us to the final hot trend of the season…

At the top of just about every bride’s list for her dream dress is a dress that shows off her unique style and personality, and more and more designers are striving to do just that by adding a touch, or a dash, or a truckload, of whimsy to their designs. If there is a quirk of your personality that you want to show through in your dress, keep searching. Chances are you can find it this season.

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The Top 10 Ways to Propose in 2013

When a man decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman of choice, it is time to plan the perfect proposal. Proposing can bring up many mixed emotions for any man. The feeling of fear, excitement, love, and anxiousness can take over at any moment. No worries, our staff at Reception Hall International is here to help you along the way! Though each proposal should be unique and thoughtful, we have put together the Top 10 Ways to Propose in 2013 to look through for ideas!

Proposal # 1: The Public Awaits


One of the most romantic ways you can plan a proposal is in front of a crowd. There is something that gets a girl when she is flattered in public. All the starring, the smiles, the clapping, her tearing up and saying yes seems to make for a great show! Pick a thoughtful place that you guys have been to before while dating. Whether it is the place where you first met, a fun date, or her favorite place to hang, she will be more than excited that you chose this memorable place to start your future together!

Caution note: If she is not one for public appearances, then a public proposal might make her nervous. Make sure you are completely comfortable that she will be comfortable saying yes under public pressure!

1. Send her on a treasure hunt in your favorite city with her friends and loved ones and have her end where you are with the ring

2. Through a surprise party at her favorite restaurant with friends and family members

3. Take a trip to the aquarium or zoo and set up a behind the scenes proposal with the staff and animals

4. Propose on a botanical gardens tour, her favorite museum, or art gallery

5. Propose to her at work- of course you have to plan this with her boss

Proposal #2: The Homey Proposal

There is nothing more romantic than proposing in the comfort of your home that you have built together and will now continue building together as husband and wife as the years go on. If you two are homebodies, this may be the perfect starter point for you.  After she has said yes, spend the rest of the day lounging around the house or plan a fun outing with friends and family to celebrate afterwards!



6. Slip the ring on her finger while she is sleeping and awaiting for her surprise in the morning

7. Light a pathway of candles leading to your proposing with flowers and champagne

8. Replace her daily jewelry with the engagement ring for her to see when she gets ready for the day- make sure you call ahead to her work to let them know she will need the day off


Proposal #3: Adrenaline Thrillers

For our more thrilling couples, do something that builds your adrenaline can be exciting. Plan something fun that you both can start a new memory with or that you both may have already done and know it will be a complete surprise! Whatever you do on this proposal idea, make it completely nonchalant since you two will be together most of the day. You do not want her to figure it before the fun starts!

9. Sky diving is always an exciting way to propose. Talk to your instructor on ideas and start planning early

10. Hot air balloons are fun and romantic. Plan a fun trip starting early in the morning and propose over beautiful scenery when the sun rises


Whichever way you choose to propose, make it unique and your own for you two to share for many years to come. She is the one woman you want to spend the rest of your life with so make it something she will always remember by putting thought into her favorite things in life. Planning is all part of the process. Once you have it all figured out, just relax and enjoy the ride! For additional advice or professional planning tips, contact our professional event planners at Reception Hall International – your banquet hall in Atlanta. Good luck to you!

2013 Wedding Dress Trends Atlanta

Finding the perfect wedding dress is what every girl dreams of as they get older. With so many styles on the market today, it is very hard to narrow down our search and select just one. The first thing you want to do is book an appointment at a bridal gown shop of choice. Then you want to figure out which frame you are and which dress styles will compliment your figure. Now that we have jumped into 2013, let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not.

Let’s face it ladies, not every style is going to bring out our best qualities. This is the very reason that figuring out your body shape is the most important task to do first when trying on dresses. Your bridal consultant can then direct you down the right path to find styles that flatter you, instead of putting a bad taste in your mouth during your special moment. The three most popular body styles are the hour-glass, inverted triangle, and the pear. The hour-glass figure means you rock the curves and will look best in A Line or Mermaid styles. The inverted triangle figure means you have broader shoulders and a petite waist line, which will look amazing in an A Line or Ball gown. And last, but not least, our pear brides have narrow shoulders and curvy hips and look best in Empire, A Line, and Ball gowns. Not every shape is the same, so have your bridal consultant choose a few different styles and see which you find the most appealing. After narrowing down your body style, let’s take a look at the popular styles for 2013.




The Mermaid gown grows trendy every year. At the top of the list, this slim fitted style is great for our brides that want to accentuate their curvy figure. They start slim and fitted at the top and work their way down hugging your curves until the very bottom where it releases into a fun, flirty style. For petite brides, the Mermaid style can shorten your appearance, so it’s okay to go a little longer at the bottom and top off your look with a fun pair of heels.




The Empire gown is the most forgiving and is great for all body shapes. With a high waist line, this gowns hugs up top and flows to the bottom. This is a fun flirty dress that will grab the attention of your guests for sure. Brides who are more petite at their bust tend to lean more towards this style. In addition to its flirty style, it is also voted the most comfortable due to the free-flow.




Ball gowns and A Line gowns are more traditional and give you the princess appeal. With a corset top and an A frame bottom, this gown is large and in charge. This style is best for women who have more curves and want something to accentuate their bust. This style is comfortable for most and brings the glamour out on their special day as they make their way down the aisle.


Now that we have given you the first step to take towards saying YES to your dream dress, it’s time to get out there and try them on. Remember to keep an open mind and when you find the perfect dress for your special day, it will claim you faster than you can blink. Good luck to you from our staff at Reception Hall International– your banquet hall in Atlanta, and we will see you on your special day!

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Trendy Dessert Bars for Every Event | Atlanta Event Planning

Dessert bars are trending at every Atlanta event and growing more and more popular every year. Not only are they appealing to the eye, but they definitely attract the sweet tooth lovers at any occasion. Preparing dessert bars can take some time and updated knowledge on what’s hot and what’s not this year. Knowing the top desserts, popular eye catching set ups, and take home favor ideas will bring your desserts life at your next event.


Choosing the top desserts is the hardest part of your design because our taste buds love all kinds of sweets. The desserts that you choose also have to accommodate your guests, so you want to make sure you provide a variety. The five most popular desserts that are showing up on dessert bars across Atlanta events are the following:


– Cupcakes – These miniature delights are the most popular on the dessert bar display every year. Cupcakes are full filling and bring a sense of elegance with their design, which is completely customizable to your theme.


–  Cake pops are climbing the popularity charts because they are eye catching, easy to display, and the best part is their moist centers. Perfect for all ages and the perfect bite size snack leaving you wanting more.



–  Cookies- Ahh.. The cookie. Cookies are the most common dessert found on a dessert bar because they are well known and absolutely delicious. They are easy and come in some many flavors- making it easy to customize for everyone.




–  Dessert Shooters- though they are tiny, dessert shooters definitely hit the sweet spot for anyone looking to be good and still indulge in a dessert.  These little eye-catching desserts are perfect for mix matching and bring a sense of variety and color to your dessert bar.



–  Macaroons are making their way to the dessert bar as they become more and more popular. These little desserts are similar to small moist cakes and have a slight crunch like a cookie, making them irresistible. They are perfect for all catered events and come in several flavors to compliment your theme.


After choosing your desserts, we can dive into the fun part of setting up your display. Your display should resemble your theme so this should be an easy and fun task. Some hosts like to use glass bowls and glasses to set desserts in, while others use silver trays and fun decorative napkins and straws to compliment the theme. Dessert bars should not be clustered with random desserts everywhere. Set some up higher than others and place them in groups to keep guests from having to search for something yummy to eat. The trick to creating the image you are looking for is to keep it simple, yet elegant.



The night is now coming to an end and it is time for your guests to start heading home. Dessert boxes are starting to trend as take home favors. Since your dessert bar is already a big hit, gather some gift boxes and prepare them in advance with a few desserts from the bar for your guests to take home and enjoy. This not only allows them to splurge a little more, but it brings back memories the next day of the amazing time they had while dancing and indulging in delicious desserts all night.


If you are interested in hosting your next Atlanta corporate event or wedding with a catered dessert bar, contact Reception Hall International in Marietta, GA and don’t forget that we are also one of the top Atlanta wedding venues!

What’s a wedding without a cake?

What is a wedding without a wedding cake? Have you ever been a guest at the wedding where you remember how amazing the cake was? Or maybe how horrible it was? Wedding cakes are a great way to make a scene at any wedding and if you answered the questions before this, you clearly know they make a memory for many of your guests as well. They are one of the many items at a wedding that can say so many words without saying anything at all. Here are a few secrets to designing a wedding cake that your guests are sure to remember.

Flavors and several layers create excitement for everyone. Not only can you incorporate all the flavors you and your groom love, you can build it to compliment your style. Having one layer brings out a softer, simpler side of you both, whereas having several layers creates a bolder, more dramatic ensemble. Another fun design I have come across is using cupcakes to form the shape of your cake. This is a really unique idea to add into your special day. Not only can you have as many flavors as you want, but it is also easier to serve to your guests. Keep in mind that in many traditions, the top of the cake is used for the christening of your first child. So if this is a tradition you wish to follow, make sure you add the extra layer on top to take home.


The best part to designing your own wedding cake is the actual design. You can bring your cake to life with so many little details. Flowers, icing, fondant, candied pearls, and additional figurines can be added to your cake to bring out the creative side of you both. Add as little or as many colors, as you want to make your cake pop.  Get creative and be the couple that had the amazing cake everyone is talking about, not the dull cake that makes your guests want to redesign it when they look at it.

The final topping to every cake is the cake topper. Cake toppers are a great way to have something fun and quirky to resemble your relationship with your groom. It can be a simple figurine of the two of you holding hands or kissing, or it can be something completely surprising and fun like the bride dragging the groom off by his collar as he plays his video games. This is the final touch to adding a little of the two of you to the cake, so make it memorable and as fun as you want it to be.


Now that we have fun flavors, layer after layer, and a creative design, your cake is ready to show off on your special day. Whether you choose a simpler design, go bold and dramatic, or get a little inspired with cupcakes, featuring both of your styles into the designing process will add that unique touch needed to bring your cake to life. You only have one day to have fun and create all the memories you ever wanted as a little girl. Play around with a few ideas and do not be afraid to be as creative as you want on your special day.

Great Surprises to Make Your Event Great!

Every event host wants their party to be the biggest hit of the year. You want everyone to remember how much fun they had throughout the entire night right? The best way to make your event “an event to remember” is to make sure you show appreciation to your guests who are bringing this all together. One of the best ways to say thank you is to pamper them from the start. You want to let them know how much you appreciate them taking the time to be there and how much they mean to you. As we have attended events all over, here are a few of the best ideas we have seen work wonders.


The very first way you can pamper your guests with a fun surprise is to provide childcare services. You want your guests to enjoy their time throughout the night without the stress of wound up children bugging them and there is no better way to do this than to book a venue that offers it for you. Go out and buy some coloring books, crayons, snacks, movies, and a few blankets and allow your venue staff to take charge for the evening. Your guests will show their appreciation by dancing with you all night- headache free and thank you in the morning for allowing them to break free of the parenting world for a few hours.


Now that your guests have been partying all night, it is time to treat them to a little midnight surprise. Roll out the midnight snack cart and watch your guest’s eyes light up as they make their way to grab a bite. It can be as simple as cookies and milk shooters, french fries, waffles and pancakes, or even fun tacos. Whatever you decide, your guests will be sure to love and appreciate every nibble as they begin to settle down for the end of the night.


Nothing says you know you had a fabulous time more than departing gifts. Prepare your valet staff to hand out little thank you gifts as your guests hit the road to sleep off all the fun. Mini sleep masks, Tylenol packets, and a bottle of water with your event name on it will do the trick. Not only will they be able to sleep peacefully, they can also sleep assured they were taken care of and waking up to a wonderful memory.


Your guests have danced the night away, free of children, were pampered with midnight bites as they began to wind down, and then sent home with special gifts, what more could you ask for. Sometimes it is the little things that can say the biggest thank you. Take the time to plan ahead and bring out the fun side of you to pamper your beloved guests. Next thing you know, you will be the hit of the event and they will want to be first on the your list for the next.

How to Choose Theme Colors for your Event

The number one way to set the vibe for your Atlanta event is to choose the right color theme. In order to have everything coordinate properly for your entire event, this is the one step you want to start planning early on. Once you choose your theme, everything else comes easy from there. The color selection is up to you, but there are a few things you want to keep in mind as you begin to select your colors.


The most important key element to choosing your color theme, is knowing which season you are going to host your event in. If your date is in the Fall, you want to avoid using cool, Winter colors such as white, dark blue’s, and dark purples. You would want to use warming colors such as creams, rich reds, and vibrant oranges. So choosing your season is going to be step one to guiding you along the right color scheme.


After you have selected the time of year for your event, it is time to select your colors. Everyone has a favorite color, and incorporating something you love is a great way to getting you started in the right direction. Pick the number one color you are in love with. This will help make things easier for you as you continue to plan. You will be more willing to work with your favorite color, then a color you semi like.


After you select your favorite color, you want to then choose accent colors to add an additional color pop. Select colors such as lavender or yellows to give your event a calm tone. Or you can go darker, or more romantic with reds and additional darker shades for a more drastic tone. These complimenting colors will add to your vibe so you want to make sure they work with your number one color. You want to stay away from too many eye-popping colors because it will take away from your theme. So select a dominant color, then an additional three to four accent colors to compliment your taste.

What colors do you plan on using for your event or have worked for you in the past? Be sure to share your “bright” ideas with our other readers!