7 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Wedding Cake

Number 1: Why white cakes?

Why are most wedding cakes white? As with most things wedding related, the color of the wedding cake is all about symbolism. Just like the dress, the white cake symbolizes the purity and virginity of the bride. So all those parents out there who get all worked up about their little girl wearing white to the wedding and then have no problem with a colorful explosion of a wedding cake…yeah… For our two cents, it’s either go all out with the tradition and symbolism or say to heck with it and have the wedding that you want. It is 2013, after all, right?

Number 2: Symbolism

Adding insult to injury, the venerable tradition of the wedding cake was not even what we currently think of as cake until the Victorian era. At its earliest beginnings in Ancient Rome, the wedding cake was a “cake” of grain that was broken over the bride’s or sometimes the couple’s head(s) as (yet another) fertility symbol and wish. Later it became a “bride’s pie,” which could be extremely elaborate, sometimes including live animals like birds, or even snakes!

Number 3: History

Not only did Queen Victoria, venerable style icon that she was, set the tone for many of our attitudes about marriage and life in general, she even helped popularize the wedding cake itself. Queen Victoria’s wedding included an extremely elaborate cake with pure white icing and royal figures made out of said icing. The type of icing used on Queen Victoria’s cake is what today is called Royal Icing, so called because it was first popularized by a queen. Although now less popular on wedding cakes, this confection is still used in a number of applications including cookies, gingerbread houses, and any other place where a pure white, hard icing is called for.





Number 4: Grooms Cake

On the other end of the symbolism spectrum is the now primarily southern tradition of the Groom’s Cake. This cake was usually fruitcake, and was a symbol of the groom’s fertility!



Number 5: The first cake known

The very earliest known sweet wedding cake was recorded in 1655 and was a type of cake called “banbury cake.” Banbury cake bears little resemblance to modern wedding cake, however. It is a flat, oval shaped, spiced pastry filled with currants and generally served with tea. To the modern palate that may sound distinctly uninspiring, but in a time when the ingredients for an actual cake were prohibitively expensive, something as fancy as Banbury cake would have been a real treat.

Number 6: Ingredients

As ingredients for what we now think of as cake became more available and less expensive, the go-to cake for wedding cake, or “bride’s cake” as it was then known, was a white pound cake. This cake would be covered in white frosting. All of which was, of course, fraught with symbolism.




Number 7: The infamous cake topper

The cake topper is actually a holdover from the 1950’s. Modern cake toppers range from the traditional to whimsical depictions of the couple to the abstract and are generally in keeping with the overall decorative theme of the reception, while traditionally they were representations of the bride and groom in formal attire and symbolized the togetherness of the couple.




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Important Questions to Ask Your Atlanta Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are one of the largest expenses of your total wedding bill. With that being said, it is very important you not only book correctly, but you are completely satisfied with your selection. In addition to overall satisfaction, your venue needs to meet all of your needs to bring your event to life. When booking your Atlanta event facility, there are a few important questions you want to make sure you address prior to booking. Below are a few of the deal breaker questions we have come across that will help you to finalize your booking.

 1. Do you have a facility director that will be working on the day of my wedding?

  • The facility director is the go-to person behind the scenes during the wedding reception. Having one will do wonders for all of your needs and to help make sure everything runs smoothly. You want to make sure you find out if the venue pays him or if that is an additional expense on your contract. Always ask about additional services and what is all included when booking with their staff.

2. At what time will my guests have to leave the facility?

  • This is very important to find out because you pay for the hours in which you are there. In addition to expenses, you are granted a certain amount of hours in your contract and it can become very expensive to go beyond them. This will also give you a good idea of the timeline for the vendors as well.

3.  Must I use your vendors or can I provide my own?

  • This is definitely something you want to ask up front and this is also why booking your venue is top priority! Some venues require you to use their contacts so this may be a deciding factor for you. If they do require you to use their vendors, make sure you receive a list to work with after confirming the location.

4. How early can we arrive for set-up?

  • On your special day, everything runs on a timeline. Having your event planners, additional vendors, and other set up needs arrive on time and early if possible is key to making sure your day runs smoothly. Get times from your venue from the start and make sure all of your contacts are on board.

5. Do you have a backup plan?

  • This is the most important question to ask. If anything goes wrong, what are the back-up plans with the facility and staff? Weather and additional setbacks can happen on any day. Getting this at the beginning can not only be reassuring, but also a life saver if something was to happen.



Before signing any contract, always find out what everyone, including venue staff is responsible for and confirm vendor attendance on the day of your wedding. Nothing is more important than a strict timeline to ensure that everything will run smoothly. At Reception Hall International, your Atlanta wedding venue, our staff takes the extra step to bring you and your guest’s upscale service and accommodations to meet all of your needs on your special day. Whether it’s your wedding day, corporate event, or special occasion, our highly trained team of Atlanta catering and event planners will be right by your side from start to finish to make sure your event is everything you asked for and more. Contact us today for additional information regarding your event planning and wedding venue needs.

What’s a wedding without a cake?

What is a wedding without a wedding cake? Have you ever been a guest at the wedding where you remember how amazing the cake was? Or maybe how horrible it was? Wedding cakes are a great way to make a scene at any wedding and if you answered the questions before this, you clearly know they make a memory for many of your guests as well. They are one of the many items at a wedding that can say so many words without saying anything at all. Here are a few secrets to designing a wedding cake that your guests are sure to remember.

Flavors and several layers create excitement for everyone. Not only can you incorporate all the flavors you and your groom love, you can build it to compliment your style. Having one layer brings out a softer, simpler side of you both, whereas having several layers creates a bolder, more dramatic ensemble. Another fun design I have come across is using cupcakes to form the shape of your cake. This is a really unique idea to add into your special day. Not only can you have as many flavors as you want, but it is also easier to serve to your guests. Keep in mind that in many traditions, the top of the cake is used for the christening of your first child. So if this is a tradition you wish to follow, make sure you add the extra layer on top to take home.


The best part to designing your own wedding cake is the actual design. You can bring your cake to life with so many little details. Flowers, icing, fondant, candied pearls, and additional figurines can be added to your cake to bring out the creative side of you both. Add as little or as many colors, as you want to make your cake pop.  Get creative and be the couple that had the amazing cake everyone is talking about, not the dull cake that makes your guests want to redesign it when they look at it.

The final topping to every cake is the cake topper. Cake toppers are a great way to have something fun and quirky to resemble your relationship with your groom. It can be a simple figurine of the two of you holding hands or kissing, or it can be something completely surprising and fun like the bride dragging the groom off by his collar as he plays his video games. This is the final touch to adding a little of the two of you to the cake, so make it memorable and as fun as you want it to be.


Now that we have fun flavors, layer after layer, and a creative design, your cake is ready to show off on your special day. Whether you choose a simpler design, go bold and dramatic, or get a little inspired with cupcakes, featuring both of your styles into the designing process will add that unique touch needed to bring your cake to life. You only have one day to have fun and create all the memories you ever wanted as a little girl. Play around with a few ideas and do not be afraid to be as creative as you want on your special day.

Wedding Planner Series #1

Is it Worth It?

If you are now or have ever planned a wedding, you know that the thousand and one details involved can quickly overwhelm even the most dedicated multi-tasker. As the bride or groom, not only do you have every practical aspect of the wedding on your mind, but also the inevitable emotional upheaval that comes with a major life change, as well as navigating the  sometimes complex process of blending two extended families and learning the boundaries of in-law relationships. With all of that going on, it’s no wonder that the temptation to shell out some extra cash to take a logistical load off in the run up to the big day can loom large. The question at hand, though, is this: is it worth it?

The long and short of it is that if you are planning a wedding of any size and/or a reception with any degree of complexity, then the return you will see on your investment in an event planner will most likely be worth it, not only in peace of mind and stress reduction, but possibly even in cost reduction over other aspects of your wedding experience. That is not to say that every wedding needs a dedicated planner. Obviously if you are getting married at the courthouse with a couple of witnesses, followed by a small family dinner at a favorite local spot, you don’t need an event planner to help you sort out the details.  If, however, you fall somewhere else along the wedding spectrum, more toward the big party/theme wedding/ “I’ve had a vision since I was six years old” end, for example, then an event planner might be just the thing to keep your head from exploding as you get closer to the big day.

From venue choice to flowers to table linens to cake to bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses, an event planner can certainly be there to help make the big decisions that inform how an event takes shape. That, however, is not truly where an event planner shines. An event planner’s true worth is behind the scenes. When you are having a meltdown because you’ve just found out that your soon to be mother in law is being completely irrational and wants to wear a head to toe scarlet dress to your black and white wedding  that you’ve been planning for the past six months, who is going to take the call from the florist when the flower arrangements you chose three months ago are no longer possible because last night’s shipment of imported tulips were splattered all over the interstate in a 13 car pile up and an 11th hour substitution has to be made? When you are in hair and makeup and the venue staff misreads the seating chart and puts your groom’s mother and father (who have been divorced and haven’t spoken in 13 years) sitting next to one another, who steps in and fixes the seating arrangement before world war 3 happens during cocktail hour? The event planner. Without someone in your corner taking care of those details, you have to look your best, handle your own nerves, soothe your insane family, get married, and handle all the last minute practical details of a wedding and reception on your own with little or no backup. You have bigger things to worry about. Leave the details to the professionals.

Simple Steps to Guarantee You Hire the Perfect DJ

If you have even begun looking at flower arrangements then your deep enough down the rabbit hole that we call the wedding planning process to know how time consuming it can be. There are a million things to think about and once the wedding ceremony is finally planned you still have the reception to worry about. Now, if your a laid back – never get cold feet – kind of person then you might not let it get to you. But if your anything like the rest of us then everything has to be perfect and if there is one pinnacle attribute that can make or break your night it’s the quality and experience of your DJ. Dj’s bring the personality to your wedding party. If you choose the wrong one you might get a whole bunch of not-so-exciting music which makes it a not-so-exciting night and you certainly can’t have that. You need a DJ who knows how to get a crowded room full of family and friends that have never met to get on their feet, drink a glass of wine and start dancing the night away. If that sounds like the type of reception your looking for then keep reading and we’ll give you a few fool-proof steps to make sure you get what your looking for and avoid any possible hiccups along the way.

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your DJ is perfect for you and your wedding party. First is choosing the DJ company. There are a number of reputable ones out there and a simple google search can weed out the short straws. Read through a few customer reviews and find the company that seems to fit you and your budget. This part is easy but its not the end of the process. Just because a DJ company has great reviews doesn’t guarantee that your DJ will be the one you read about. Step number two is to MEET THE DJ. Meeting with the manager, or even the owner of your DJ company simply isn’t enough. These companies hire new DJs all the time and you need to make sure your DJ isn’t planning his first night debut on your big night. Ask to meet the DJ in person, feel them out, see if their personality matches yours and check out their taste in music. If they pass this test then your most of the way there.

Next you want to make sure you get it in writing, the DJ needs to be on a contract. Make sure the obvious information is written at the top: date, time and location along with your name and the DJ’s name. Below write whatever personal stipulations you have – within reason – and include any restrictions and/or conditions under which the contract can be broken. You want to make sure the DJ has enough experience to foresee possible technical problems, ask him to have back up equipment – just in case. And finally make sure you have at least one face to face consultation with your DJ. You don’t want him choosing all your music, and on the flip side you don’t want a DJ who’s going to ask that you create the playlist. If he is a professional he should be interested in learning what type of music you’d like for him to play from. Also make sure to pick a few specific songs of your own, it’s your wedding and if you love Lesley Gore’s “its my party” then ironically you should have it. Once these few simple steps are finished you can go back to the frenzy of the rest of the wedding planning with at least one weight lifted from your shoulders.