Banquet Halls in Atlanta- Top 10 Summer Wedding Ideas




Summer is unquestionably wedding season. The weather is warm, flowers are blooming, and love is in the air. Vacation season is in full swing, so it’s the perfect time for an exotic honeymoon getaway, too. Here are ten colorful, refreshing ideas to beat the heat and bring summer fun to your wedding celebration.





For an outdoor wedding, go ahead and own that it is a little less formal than a church wedding. Your guests will be looking to stay comfortable and have a good time. The last thing you want is for your guests to say “I’m sure it was a nice ceremony, but it was sweltering hot and the sun was in my eyes the whole time so I couldn’t see anything.” Keep the glare at bay by passing out sunglasses for your guests. You can have ushers hand them out, keep baskets at the ends of the aisles, or simply place a pair on each chair before the ceremony.


An added bonus? cute shades make a fun wedding favor reminder of a breezy summer ceremony. If you don’t like the look of shades, consider umbrellas to shade your guests from the rays, or offer a combo – parasols for the ladies and shades for the gents. Weather in your neck of the woods not so breezy? Let your guests create their own breeze and keep gnats at bay with personal fans. Again they can be passed, offered in baskets, or placed at chairs prior to the ceremony and they make a fun wedding favor.



After the ceremony, make sure you have a cocktail hour that gives your guests a chance to mingle and cool off with a refreshing beverage. Start by giving your guests some shade if your cocktail hour is outdoors. You don’t have to go all traditional-white-tent on this one. Stick with a smaller tent, some strategically placed umbrellas, or even an outdoor patio or two. Once you get the guests in the shade, liven things up with some ice cold summer cocktails like a margarita or a mojito. Stick to the cool and refreshing.


Remember, it’s hot out there! Instead of (or in addition to!) the more traditional nibbles that get served at cocktail hour, consider adding a touch of childhood whimsy to your summer shindig with ice cream. Many gourmet ice cream shops will create a signature flavor just for your special day. You can also combine the two ideas – refreshing adult beverages and childhood whimsy – and serve boozy milkshakes to liven the party. If your party runs to the wee hours, consider a late night ice cream sundae bar to reward the party goers who stick it out with you to the end.

As for aesthetics, our summer pick goes to color. Color color color everywhere. Think colorful flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces, colorful table runners and decorations, and colorful, nontraditional place card holders, like ripe summer fruit. It’s plentiful, it’s inexpensive, and it will add an unexpected touch to your special day, not to mention that a table full of ripe peaches smells just fabulous. Set off your colorful tablescapes and flowers with an assortment of hanging lanterns in interesting shapes and sizes and you’re set to have an unforgettable summer wedding.

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Benefits of Atlanta Catering At Your Event



When planning a party, no matter how lavish, simplicity should always be your watchword. That seems like an oxymoron, but bear with us. Remember that your guests are ultimately there to see you, the host and to spend time with you and the other guests. The decor, food, theme, costumes, etc. – those are all just window dressing. A truly successful party is one that everyone can enjoy, even the host. One classic way to achieve this illusive feat is to delegate responsibility for feeding the hungry horde to a catering service.

Depending on the size of your party and your budget, catering services can range from dropping off food that you set out for a buffet style spread to a full-service sit down meal complete with uniformed waitstaff, tablescapes and the whole nine yards. Whatever the price point and however extravagant the party, breaking bread with one’s host is a tradition that dates back thousands of years. From ancient times when this ritual was a tacit “I won’t kill you and you won’t kill me” agreement to today, where the food is often what’s remembered longest about a good celebration, groups of people getting their snack on together have a long and illustrious history.

Letting a caterer handle the nuts and bolts of this important party aspect means you can focus on the fun stuff – mingling with your guests and enjoying your party – instead of last minute beer runs or making sure that the shrimp cocktail is kept on ice.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when planning a party, always decide on a budget and pinky swear to stick to it.This is even more important once you decide to start hiring our services like Atlanta caterers, professional DJ’s, etc. Choose a caterer that works with the foods you enjoy and the theme you want for your party and that is within your budget. If you need to cut corners to make it work, look at cutting things like the number of dishes on the menu or the service style. Buffet, for example, is cheaper than a plated dinner service, and also makes much more sense for a backyard barbecue. If the plated service is imporant to you, think about cutting corners with DIY touches that you can make ahead, like tablescapes and centerpieces that you can work on in the days before the party.




Remember that the point of hiring a caterer is so that you can have great food at your party without driving yourself insane – and still be able to enjoy your guests. Decide on your menu and your theme up front, have a tasting ahead of time to approve the menu, and on the day of the party, stay out of the way! You want to be on hand and available should anything go wrong that needs your attention, but you hired the service so you wouln’t have to be in the kitchen – So. Don’t. Be. In. The. Kitchen.


Go mingle! Have a drink! Enjoy your party, and trust your caterer to provide the fabulous food you approved for the price you agreed upon while you relax with your guests.


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Basics To Planning Your Sweet 16- Banquet Halls in Atlanta

If you have a daughter who’s about to be 16, chances are you’re thinking about THE party… the Sweet Sixteen. You probably have a lot of questions running through your mind right now, not the least pressing of which is “how much is this going to cost me?,” followed shortly by, “can I afford a huge party with a reception hall?,” or “do I even need/does she want a huge party with a wedding venue style banquet hall?” Put the Maalox down and back away slowly. We’ve got you covered. Read on for some tips on planning a killer Sweet Sixteen party that will wow your teenager and won’t break the bank.


When planning ANY party, from a Sweet Sixteen to to a simple toddler birthday, decide on your budget first. For you big picture thinkers, this may seem like a buzz kill, but trust us, it will save you headaches later. When planning a Sweet Sixteen, there are special budget considerations to keep in mind. Remember that your daughter is approaching college age. While she may think that a major blowout with Ludacris as a special guest is The. Best. Thing. Ever. today, she won’t be so pleased in two years when you tell her that you spent her college fund on the party.

Once you’ve decided on your budget (and pinky sworn with yourself to stick to it), decide whether to involve your teenager in planning. Unless you know she wants THIS party to be a surprise, we vote yes. She’s feeling pretty grown up right about now, and will likely enjoy being able to take some credit for planning an awesome party. She may also have particular tastes or quirks that you don’t even know about, (that’s right folks, teenagers don’t tell us everything), so having her help means she gets the party she wants, not the party you think she wants.



Be up front with your daughter about your presence at the party and limits to activities and what will not be allowed. You are dealing with a group teenagers who feel very adult. Set rules about alcohol (no) and whether the party will be co-ed. Agree on a time for the party to wrap up, and chaperone interaction. Depending on party theme,chaperones may be cleverly disguised as waiters, chauffeurs, movie ushers, etc., but they should be there.



Next, turn to theme in your planning. If you have community standards to live up to, then your hands may be a bit tied. If that’s the case, go with what’s community-approved, and insert your daughter’s personality and preferences where you can without breaking the bank. Check wedding and Quinceanera websites for tips on fashion and decoration if your community standards run to the formal. For the rest of you, the sky is the limit. Pick a theme that works with your daughter’s personality and your budget.


Think spa day for girly girls, night-on-the-town for glamour girls, English garden party for the Downtown Abbey lover, etc. Hire/buy services such as  invitations, caterers, reception halls, DJ’s, etc. as your budget allows, or create home-versions of the same with your daughter’s input. And finally, relax and enjoy your daughter enjoying her milestone birthday.

For additional information on our Atlanta event planning services for your next Sweet 16, contact our specialists today at your Banquet Hall in Atlanta. With a variety of services including, Catering- Atlanta, Professional DJs, Decor, Atlanta Event Facilities, and many other, our clients book us for all of their events year round! Review our current testimonials, specials, and gallery today!


Benefits Of Cocktail Hour- Atlanta Wedding Specialists


In planning an Atlanta wedding, one thing many budget conscious couples ask is, “do we really need a cocktail hour?” While you can schedule your wedding day festivities as tightly as possible, the reality is that your guests are going to spend at least a little time waiting around for you between the ceremony and your reception.

After all, the reception doesn’t start until you get there, and even if you take your photos before the ceremony and instruct the caterers to have the food ready precisely 45 minutes after your ceremony begins in order to minimize waiting, things happen, delays occur, and there’s a good chance your guests will spend some time milling about, waiting for you to arrive. Frankly, it’s nice to give folks a little refreshment while they wait.

Also, for many guests the cocktail hour is the highlight of the party. This is the time when guests mingle and chat, meet new people, sample signature cocktails (or mocktails if that’s your preference), and try sweet and nibble on appetizers in a more laid back environment before the reception gets going in full swing. Remember that this may be the only time that Cousin Mona from Ft. Lauderdale has seen Aunt Letty who lives in Seattle in several years, and they’d like to have a chance to chat over a refreshing beverage and some snacks before going in to dinner. An added benefit is that a cocktail hour gives you a little breathing room, so you don’t have to rush from the ceremony directly to the reception.  Do not underestimate the power of the “holy cow, I just got married” realization. Respect it, and plan to give yourself a few minute to breathe here and there throughout the day.




Once you’ve decided to have a cocktail hour, you owe it to yourself and your guests to make it the best cocktail hour possible, whatever your budget. If you’re having a formal reception, consider a more laid back, lounge-y cocktail hour. Provide enough seating so that older guests and guests with mobility concerns can sit, but not so much that everyone parks it in a chair and mingling is stifled. For drinks, consider a signature cocktail or cocktails – something that reflects your personality as a couple or the theme of your wedding overall. If you are cutting corners cash-wise, limit the type of drinks offered, but don’t go the cash bar route. Open bar is always better, even if it means a wine/beer only bar, or a nonalcoholic “mocktail” hour. Consider buffet-style snacks rather than formal wait staff and fancy hors d’oeuvres. Another fun twist on the cocktail hour is a coffee bar, or iced coffee bar if it’s hot, and small, sweet treats like little cakes. It’s not enough to spoil guests’ appetite for dinner, but a nice change from the traditional.




Remember to provide enough options so there’s something for everyone, and take into account any special dietary restrictions. If you are having a real “cocktail” hour, provide at least one, preferably a couple of nonalcoholic options for the non-drinkers and designated drivers at your event. If your party is kid-friendly, set up a few activity stations, like a photo booth, bocce ball, croquet, or other themed activities to keep the kids (and adults!) active and happy while they wait for your grand entrance.



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Fruit Display Special- Your Banquet Hall in Atlanta

Booking your event with our Banquet Halls in Atlanta has many benefits, including amazing specials to enhance your event theme! One of our most popular specials is our famous Fruit Displays! Why would you want a fruit display at your event? Read below to get the scoop on how this display is perfect for Summer time events.

Why Have A Fruit Display At My Event?

Summer time calls for fun, tasteful displays at every event and what better way to bring your party to life with delicious fruit! Not only is fruit enticing to a majority of guests, but it is also refreshing and very aesthetically appealing. People like to eat with their eyes, so having this delightful display at your event will draw your guests in to mix and mingle while they cool off with chilled, refreshing fruit!


Whether you are hosting your next Atlanta corporate event, planning your Atlanta wedding, or simply throwing a Summer event, book your next event of 150 guests or more and get your FREE fruit display at your next Summer time event today!

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Trendiest Wedding Dresses – Atlanta Banquet Hall

It’s here, ladies, Atlanta Wedding Season! – Here’s a look at all popular wedding dress trends we’re seeing on the runways for the Spring/Summer 2013 wedding season. Happy shopping to all of our Atlanta brides from your Banquet Hall in AtlantaReception Hall International!

Bling Is In!

Bling is definitely in this season. From the judicious jeweled accent to the fully bedazzled bodice, sparkle never fully went out of style, and it is certainly making a comeback in 2013.

Reserved Looks

Since Princess Katherine stunned in a long sleeved number at the royal wedding, the more demure, covered up look has been making a comeback, and are ruling the runways this season. Far from frumpy, though, the sleeves we are seeing are fun and flirty and a great way to show off the individual personality of a bride. From fitted lace that mimics full tattoo sleeves to billowing, slightly sheer arms gathered at the cuff that add a vintage, hippie-chic feel to your big day, sleeves are back in a big way.

Key Hole Back

Covered up does not have to mean “not sexy,” and the keyhole back is one trend that makes sure of that. Keyhole backs making appearances this season vary from the form fitting dress with an almost completely open back to the tantalizing glimpse of bare skin provided by a looser fitting, draped keyhole or simple slit-back. All of these provide a dose of sophisticated sex appeal that’s a step away from your standard-issue, sleeveless corset topped dress.



Bow Ties Are Back!

Another old trend that’s new again is the bow accent. This season’s bows are not the dreaded butt-bows of yesteryear. Small, structured accent bows are making appearances on belts, veils, shoulders, and headpieces. Bolder brides can rock the oversized and more deconstructed bow accents in a variety of colors and dress placements.


Softer Peplums

Somewhat harsh, structured peplums were a trend that we saw in previous seasons. This has been replaced by a softer, cascading peplum in varying lengths that is flattering to more body types. We’re seeing it in the usual waist-accent on top of a longer skirt placement, but also as the style of the skirt itself. Bold floral accents also continue to hold strong this season, from the small, well placed flower accent to skirts designed to mimic the shape of a flower in and of themselves.

Mixing Fabrics Up

This season, designers are not afraid to mix fabrics. Brides won’t have to choose between lace and tulle in Spring/Summer 2013, because bold designers are taking the bull by the horns and pairing the two together to make dresses that show off the best of both worlds.


The so-called “illusion neckline” is another strong trend this season. An otherwise strapless dress has a higher collar/neck of a more sheer material, creating the illusion of a strapless look, while offering demure coverage and a more flattering look on a variety of body types. This look also allows brides to pair the “strapless” look with the long sleeves and/or keyhole back looks that are popular this season.

Gold Is The New White

Most seasons there is a popular color in addition to traditional white. This year the winner is…GOLD. we see gold sparkle, solid gold dresses, gold accents, gold gold gold. We’re not talking scarey 1970’s gold lamé here. We’re talking classy, rich, buttery golden hues across the spectrum. Of course, if what you’re into is the gold disco ball look, you can probably find that…which leads us to the final hot trend of the season…

At the top of just about every bride’s list for her dream dress is a dress that shows off her unique style and personality, and more and more designers are striving to do just that by adding a touch, or a dash, or a truckload, of whimsy to their designs. If there is a quirk of your personality that you want to show through in your dress, keep searching. Chances are you can find it this season.

Finding your perfect gown is only one step to this every exciting process! Booking your Atlanta banquet hall is another thrilling moment to getting closer to your special day. For more information on our Atlanta wedding services such as our Atlanta Event Facilities, Atlanta Event Planning, Catering Atlanta, Child Care, and additional accommodations, feel free to contact us today! View our specials and packages online as well. Our friendly staff is always here to help you on any event you have coming up!


Quinceañera Dresses 2013- Banquet Halls In Atlanta


There are only so many times in life when we get to be the center of our own fairy tale story. The Quinceañera is one of those few times, and you should do it up right, starting with a fabulous dress.  As you may have noticed by this point in your life, women’s fashion is something of a group effort. You can consider the search for your perfect Atlanta Quinceañera dress to be a bit of a dress rehearsal for those other times in your life when you might be on the hunt for THE DRESS. Planning is key.

Don’t start your dress hunt on the racks or even in magazines or on the internet. Instead, start your dress hunt in your own closet. Take a look at those fashion pieces that make you feel really good about yourself. What is it about them that makes them favorites? Is it the color? Shape? The way you accessorize? What is your favorite feature that you’d like to play up? Don’t ignore your “problem areas,” but focus on how to play up your positives, rather than nitpicking yourself into a nervous wreck about the things that make you self conscious.


Once you’ve taken a personal inventory of your closet and your own personal image, then start thinking about potential looks with those things in mind. Check out magazines and websites, not only for Quinceañera specific dresses, but also for prom dresses and even wedding dresses. Remember that a style that looks great on a magazine page or on the rack may not flatter your body the way you expect. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find the perfect dress right away. This is a quest for the perfect dress, not just another shopping trip, after all. Expect to try on a few dresses at more than one shop, and try on things outside of your comfort zone.


Bring a couple of trusted companions with you when shopping, like older sisters and/or your mom that you can trust to give you honest and constructive opinions and keep you positive, even when it gets overwhelming. If you don’t find a dress off the rack that fits your dream image, consider having a custom dress designed and made. Surprisingly, this can sometimes end up being a more economical option than buying a dress off the rack, particularly once you factor in the cost of alterations to an off the rack dress. Oh, and there will be alterations – You’re not going to spend this kind of money on the perfect dress and then not shell out to make sure it fits your body perfectly, after all.

If you keep these tips in mind – keep your focus on playing up your positives and not nitpicking your negatives, surround yourself with constructive, honest feedback, and keep an open mind about finding the perfect dress, then your search for the Quinceañera dress of your dreams can end with a happy ending – you as the belle of your own personal ball, celebrating your initiation into young womanhood in a dress that plays up your favorite features and fits you perfectly.


For additional information on your next Quinceañera, contact our friendly staff at Reception Hall International– Your Banquet Hall in Atlanta. Our professional Event Planners, Atlanta Event Facilities, Professional DJ’s, Atlanta Catering, and additional Atlanta Banquet Hall Specials are offered in our packages to help make your once in a lifetime occasion the most memorable!


Your Quinceañera- Banquet Halls in Atlanta

To the uninitiated, a Quinceañera is a “sweet fifteen” party– a huge fifteenth birthday celebration for Latina young women. More than just a party, though, the Quinceañera is a ceremony with roots that predate European colonization of Central and South America. Before Christianity and colonization came to what is now Central and South America, indigenous peoples each had their own ceremonies to welcome girl children into the ranks of young womanhood with varying degrees of pomp and ceremony. As colonization swept the land, ceremonies honoring local Gods were replaced with the Catholic Mass, and indigenous dances celebrating the girl’s transition to womanhood were replaced with the waltz and, later, carefully choreographed group dances. That’s not to say that the modern Quinceañera is NOT a rockin’ party. It absolutely is. In fact, girls and their families strive to ensure that their Quinceañera is the party that the local – and maybe not so local – teens will remember for years to come. This ‘blog series will focus not just on the history and ceremony surrounding the time-honored tradition of the Quinceañera celebration throughout Central and South America, but also on everything fantastic about the modern Quinceañera – the dress, the shoes, the music, the P.A.R.T.Y!


Depending on where specifically your family is from, your Quinceañera may have specific cultural components that set it apart from those of other Latina girls your age. In Argentina, Peru and Paraguay, the party isn’t even called a Quinceañera, but is called the “fiesta de quince,” and is often a fairly structured ball where a multi-course meal is served between sets of specific dances, ranging from the waltz to choreographed numbers to just a great party. A Brazilian Quinceañera is called a “feste de quinze anos,” and may involve a full Catholic Mass, as well as multiple periods of dancing. Many countries’ traditional Quinceañera celebrations involve the waltz and/or a father-daughter dance as the newly minted young woman is presented to the community. This ritual stems from the fact that, historically, young women in many hispanic communities were prohibited from dancing in public before age fifteen. Although this is no longer true, the first dance of the modern Quinceañera is often an opulent nod to past tradition.


At some point, whether before, during, or after the formal celebration, the Quinceañera celebration moves into every teenage girl’s favorite part – the real party. This is where the fifteen year old birthday girl gets to let her hair down and celebrate with her friends and family in an opulent party-of-her-dreams. Many Latina girls spend months or even years dreaming about the perfect Quinceañera party – not just the formal celebration that brings a tear to mom and dad’s eye and makes Tia so-and-so proud that her little sobrina is blossoming into such a poised young woman – but the real party.  And that, ladies, is what we will be discussing in the next few blog entries. What dresses are hot? How to get the best look? What ride should you book to roll up to your venue – and what wheels are completely last year? What themes are in and how can I get the PERFECT decorations, even if my parents are not completely loaded and aren’t willing to sink my college fund on one party. Stick with us for a few entries and we’ll answer you’re questions, and we’ll also give you a few tips about Quinceañera ceremony and history along the way.

At Reception Hall International, we have a variety of Atlanta event facilities and event planners to help accommodate your next Quinceañera! For additional information regarding your next Quinceañera, contact your Banquet Hall in Atlanta– Reception Hall International today! Our friendly staff is always available to assist any questions.

The Top 10 Ways to Propose in 2013

When a man decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman of choice, it is time to plan the perfect proposal. Proposing can bring up many mixed emotions for any man. The feeling of fear, excitement, love, and anxiousness can take over at any moment. No worries, our staff at Reception Hall International is here to help you along the way! Though each proposal should be unique and thoughtful, we have put together the Top 10 Ways to Propose in 2013 to look through for ideas!

Proposal # 1: The Public Awaits


One of the most romantic ways you can plan a proposal is in front of a crowd. There is something that gets a girl when she is flattered in public. All the starring, the smiles, the clapping, her tearing up and saying yes seems to make for a great show! Pick a thoughtful place that you guys have been to before while dating. Whether it is the place where you first met, a fun date, or her favorite place to hang, she will be more than excited that you chose this memorable place to start your future together!

Caution note: If she is not one for public appearances, then a public proposal might make her nervous. Make sure you are completely comfortable that she will be comfortable saying yes under public pressure!

1. Send her on a treasure hunt in your favorite city with her friends and loved ones and have her end where you are with the ring

2. Through a surprise party at her favorite restaurant with friends and family members

3. Take a trip to the aquarium or zoo and set up a behind the scenes proposal with the staff and animals

4. Propose on a botanical gardens tour, her favorite museum, or art gallery

5. Propose to her at work- of course you have to plan this with her boss

Proposal #2: The Homey Proposal

There is nothing more romantic than proposing in the comfort of your home that you have built together and will now continue building together as husband and wife as the years go on. If you two are homebodies, this may be the perfect starter point for you.  After she has said yes, spend the rest of the day lounging around the house or plan a fun outing with friends and family to celebrate afterwards!



6. Slip the ring on her finger while she is sleeping and awaiting for her surprise in the morning

7. Light a pathway of candles leading to your proposing with flowers and champagne

8. Replace her daily jewelry with the engagement ring for her to see when she gets ready for the day- make sure you call ahead to her work to let them know she will need the day off


Proposal #3: Adrenaline Thrillers

For our more thrilling couples, do something that builds your adrenaline can be exciting. Plan something fun that you both can start a new memory with or that you both may have already done and know it will be a complete surprise! Whatever you do on this proposal idea, make it completely nonchalant since you two will be together most of the day. You do not want her to figure it before the fun starts!

9. Sky diving is always an exciting way to propose. Talk to your instructor on ideas and start planning early

10. Hot air balloons are fun and romantic. Plan a fun trip starting early in the morning and propose over beautiful scenery when the sun rises


Whichever way you choose to propose, make it unique and your own for you two to share for many years to come. She is the one woman you want to spend the rest of your life with so make it something she will always remember by putting thought into her favorite things in life. Planning is all part of the process. Once you have it all figured out, just relax and enjoy the ride! For additional advice or professional planning tips, contact our professional event planners at Reception Hall International – your banquet hall in Atlanta. Good luck to you!

Catering Atlanta Tips for Any Event

For any event, choosing your catering can become time consuming. At Reception Hall International, we provide world renowned Catering in Atlanta for all events at our facility and at remote locations. We understand that catering is tough to narrow down, so we strive to make it an easy and enjoyable process for you every time. Catering depends on many factors including the type of event you are having, the amount of people you plan on serving, and your personal touch. With these in mind, we have formulated a little cheat sheet to help make your adventure a little easier.


You want to customize your food to the type of event you are hosting. So selecting the type of event you are having will be step one. Are you planning a corporate event, a wedding or ceremony, or a birthday or special celebration? After deciding this, we can then narrow down additional choices. For corporate events, you typically want to stick to small bites and appetizers. This will keep the momentum going at your event!

Since weddings tend to be larger celebrations and have many stages throughout the course of the night,they tend to take a little more planning. For starters, it is always recommended to have small bites during cocktail hour. This allows for your guests to mix and mingle until dinner is ready. For dinner, there are a few options you can choose from, but the two most popular are seated dinners and buffet dinner set ups. Once we have decided your event theme, the fun begins with getting creative!



Now let’s look at how many people you are having to your event. This is important to factor in because we obviously want to make sure everyone has a plate of food in front of them when it is time to eat. Sitting down with our professional event planners will help make this process easier for you. Most catering in Atlanta will break it down for you according to plate price or suggested amounts for buffets. This makes it easier for you to select a package and usually offers more of a discount when done this way as well. Our professional event planners are here to help you plan every step of your event and to make your decisions easier and more affordable by customizing options for you.
Incorporating your own taste and style into your catering options is the most fun of it all. What do you like to eat or what are your favorite foods? There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to food. Narrowing down your options by adding in a few things you like to enjoy will help to style the catering around your theme. Indoor events tend to stick more to the traditional foods like lasagna, steaks, and pastas, while outdoor events steer more towards smaller bites, seafood feasts, and BBQ. The best part about this part of planning is that you can do whatever you want! Our professional carters encourage you to be creative and add in a sense of your own style. After all, this is your own event and we want it completely customized to you!



Professional catering brings your event to life with laughter and mixing and mingling over delicious foods! Choosing your catering is a fun part of planning! All the taste testing’s, choosing from a wide variety, and mixing and matching food selections brings out the creative side to your planning! Start today with our professional planners and our state of the art catering to bring your celebration to life.

For additional information on our event facilities and services that we have to offer at Reception Hall International, please feel free to contact us today! Our professional staff takes pride in catering to you and your needs to make your event everything you’ve imagined.