Movie and TV Production Catering

The film and TV industry in Georgia is bigger than it ever has been before. With TV shows like The Walking Dead and Dumb and Dumber 2 being filmed in our state, production companies are looking for high quality, efficient catering services to satisfy actors and crew members during their long work hours.

Reception Hall Intl. offers full-service catering on location specifically for the fast-paced environment that comes with TV and movie shoots. Our fresh ingredients and innovative catering solutions provide crew members and actors alike with the fuel that they need to continue doing their job at peak performance.

Catering for Movie and TV Production in Atlanta

Head chef Dwane L. Hairston knows what it takes to provide successful catering to modern-day TV and movie sets, and our multitalented crew has the experience and skills to handle whatever your production may throw at us:

  • Remote Locations – Not every scene in a movie or TV shoot is going to take place in a city. We’ll come to your location prepared, on-time and ready to serve your crew wherever you’re working, be it for one day or an extended time period.
  • Last Minute Changes – Changes in logistics happen all the time, and Reception Hall Intl. will be prepared to cater to any changes that you may have.
  • Dietary Restrictions – Not everybody chooses to eat the same foods. Chef Hairston prepares delectable alternative food options for those with allergy, lifestyle or religious requirements and needs.
  • Long Hours – Working long hours is nothing new to our staff. If you have to shoot throughout the night or need to work at unusual hours, let us know and we will gladly adjust to your schedule in every way that we can.
  • Large Crews – You may have an exceedingly large crew depending on the style and type of production that you are shooting. We will be happy to scale our catering services to fit your needs.

Reception Hall Intl. – Movie and TV Production Catering at its Finest

Reception Hall Intl. has built its reputation on the excellence of our staff, the quality of our globally-inspired cuisine and the efficiency of our service. Time is money in the entertainment industry, which is why we opt to use a buffet-style service line for our catering rather a than slow-moving window service.  Not only does this save time, it allows your crew members the opportunity to choose exactly what they want to eat and how much they want to eat.

In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner service, we also offer craft service for your crew. Nutritious, easy-to-eat craft services play a huge role on set, from keeping crew members hydrated to providing them with a quick burst of energy to power through the day. All too often craft service options fall under the potato chip and soft drink categories, but Reception Hall Intl. knows that these quick fixes can do more harm than good, which is why we provide your crew members with healthy alternatives that will keep them satisfied.

Our staff always maintains high standards of cleanliness, safety, and organization.  We’re confident that you will recognize our efforts to provide you with one-of-a-kind hospitality, from cleaning your trays and pouring your coffee to setting up and cleaning dining areas.

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Much like an army marches on its stomach, so too does a film or TV crew. Your production staff will love our wide variety of cuisine options morning, noon and night. At Reception Hall Intl., it is our goal to exceed your catering expectations so that you can concentrate on producing the next big hit for film or TV. We look forward to speaking with you soon about the catering specifics of your next shoot.