Summer is Heating Up with King of Pops and Reception Hall Intl.!

Reception Hall International, the premier corporate catering company in Atlanta, GA is at it again with a great offer this summer that you will not want to miss.  Let’s just say that this offer will make your eyes, ears, and most importantly, your taste buds POP!  This summer, Reception Hall International will provide each of your guests with a special treat, compliments of King of Pops.

King of Pops has a special love for Atlanta because this is where it all began for them. Started from a vision of turning fresh fruit into frozen, decadent delights while traveling in Central America, King of Pops has grown from late-night kitchen experimentation and one lone “pop cart” to 15 carts, 4 area food trucks, retail presence, and a selection of 30 delicious popsicle flavors that are well-known and loved far and wide.  King of Pops, the fun, innovative Atlanta-based company known for its delicious frozen treats, is always excited to partner in the community and at special events.

Reception Hall International is continuing to set the bar high in the corporate catering world by providing superior, personalized, affordable service from the first point of contact until the last tablecloth is removed.  Your corporate event coordinator will keep the lines of communication open and address any questions or needs that you may have.  As always, your event will be designed to your specifications, and you will have a say in everything from the design to room set-up to the food.

We have always supported local business and commerce in Georgia, which is why we collaborate with local companies such as King of Pops and Raising the Bar.  Reception Hall International is excited about having King of Pops on board with us for our latest summer offer.

This summer, for clients that sign an annual contract with Reception Hall International, we will provide each of your guests a free popsicle compliments of King of Pops for your first event.  Not only will your guests receive the top-notch service, beautiful ambiance, and incredible food that Reception Hall International is known for, but they will also experience the best, most decadent frozen treat they’ve ever had.

Contact Reception Hall International today to schedule your corporate function, and you will be on your way to an expertly planned, specially designed event by the benchmark of Atlanta corporate catering.

Catering the Big Meeting- Atlanta Catering


You have a marathon meeting coming up, or the boss is coming in from out of town, or there is an important client coming in to talk about their account. These and a thousand other corporate events are all great opportunities to stand out and make a good impression. One way to do just that is to ensure that tasty treats are provided to your meeting attendees through the use of a corporate caterer. Whether your meeting or event is at your office or offsite, having the event catered can make it more pleasant, more productive, and potentially more beneficial for your business and career.


First, let’s talk about impressions. If you have a corporate retreat or team building event, or the head of your department is flying in from the home office for a meeting with you, your boss, and a few other people, having something brought in that is a step above the break room coffee and stale donuts you usually have for staff meetings will signal to her that you recognize the importance of this meeting and her position within the company. It also sends a message that you recognize the importance of details. The same is true if you are having a meeting with an important client or potential client.


Regardless of your business, small touches like this are a hallmark of good service, and are one way to signal to your clients that they are important to you, and to help you and your company stand out in their mind.


When you are having a meeting with attendees from other parts of the country or parts of the world, catering is a great way to acknowledge cultural differences and make your guests feel at home. The time-honored tradition of breaking bread also helps dispel awkwardness and makes every gathering that much more pleasant. Consider a continental breakfast for a morning meeting, with muffins, juice, coffee, tea, and other gourmet pastries. Offer coffee, tea, and an assortment of not-so-sweet cakes or pastries for an afternoon meeting, particularly if you have European attendees at your meeting, as many countries, Germany in particular, often have a “coffee and cake” break in the mid-afternoon. If you are having guests from Great Britain or Ireland, consider adding a few light sandwiches to the afternoon catered spread, in a nod to the tea time tradition. It goes without saying that meetings that are held at or that will last through meal times should include a full catered meal. Go for a boxed lunch if you want to work through the meal, or take a lunch or dinner break and offer a buffet style hot meal. Remember to include options for the vegetarians in your group, and at least one option that covers any other dietary requirements (Kosher, Halal, etc.).



Not only is a catered corporate meeting or event more pleasant than the alternative, it can put you as the one who suggests it on the boss’s radar in a good way. Catered meetings are also more productive meetings. Hungry employees are distracted employees. If everyone is slipping out for a lunch break here, a coffee break there, or a snack machine run who knows when, then no one is on the same page. If, on the other hand, food is easily accessible and taken care of by a third party, you and your team can focus on the work at hand and get more done.


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Benefits of Catering at Your Next Corporate Event


When planning your next corporate event or lunch-in, no matter how lavish, simplicity should always be your watchword. That seems like an oxymoron, but bear with us. Remember that your guests are ultimately there to mix and mingle with colleagues and spend time with you, while being within their work environment. The decor, food, theme, etc. – those are all just window dressing. A truly successful event is one that everyone can enjoy, even you- the host. One classic way to achieve this illusive feat is to delegate responsibility for feeding the hungry horde to a professional catering service.


Depending on the size of your company party and your budget, catering services can range from dropping off food that you set out for a buffet style spread to a full-service sit down meal complete with uniformed waitstaff, tablescapes and the whole nine yards. Whatever the price point and however extravagant the company event, breaking bread with one’s host is a tradition that dates back thousands of years. From ancient times when this ritual was a tacit “I won’t kill you and you won’t kill me” agreement to today, where the food is often what’s remembered longest about a good celebration, groups of people getting their snack on together have a long and illustrious history. Letting a professional caterer handle the nuts and bolts of this important party aspect means you can focus on the fun stuff – mingling with your guests and enjoying your event – instead of last minute beer runs or making sure that the shrimp cocktail is kept on ice.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when planning a corporate event, always decide on a budget and pinky swear to stick to it. This is even more important once you decide to start hiring services like professional caterers. Choose a caterer that works with the foods you enjoy and the theme you want for your company party and that is within your budget. If you need to cut corners to make it work, look at cutting things like the number of dishes on the menu or the service style. Buffet, for example, is cheaper than a plated dinner service, and also makes much more sense for a backyard barbecue.





Remember that the point of hiring your corporate caterer is so that you can have great food at your company party without driving yourself insane – and still be able to enjoy your colleagues. Decide on your menu and your theme up front, have a tasting ahead of time to approve the menu, and on the day of the party, stay out of the way!



You want to be on hand and available should anything go wrong that needs your attention, but you hired the service so you wouldn’t have to be in the kitchen – So. Don’t. Be. In. The. Kitchen. Go mingle! Have a drink! Enjoy your party, and trust your caterer to provide the fabulous food you approved for the price you agreed upon while you relax with your guests.

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Fruit Display Special- Your Banquet Hall in Atlanta

Booking your event with our Banquet Halls in Atlanta has many benefits, including amazing specials to enhance your event theme! One of our most popular specials is our famous Fruit Displays! Why would you want a fruit display at your event? Read below to get the scoop on how this display is perfect for Summer time events.

Why Have A Fruit Display At My Event?

Summer time calls for fun, tasteful displays at every event and what better way to bring your party to life with delicious fruit! Not only is fruit enticing to a majority of guests, but it is also refreshing and very aesthetically appealing. People like to eat with their eyes, so having this delightful display at your event will draw your guests in to mix and mingle while they cool off with chilled, refreshing fruit!


Whether you are hosting your next Atlanta corporate event, planning your Atlanta wedding, or simply throwing a Summer event, book your next event of 150 guests or more and get your FREE fruit display at your next Summer time event today!

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Five Fun Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events have a bad taste in everyone’s mouth because they usually are pretty boring. The usual corporate event consists of people standing around participating in the usual uncomfortable conversations amongst the crowd. Of course you want to show appreciation for your employees, but how do we do this without the boring perception? Ditching routine get together for fun, interactive events are becoming more and more popular and the answer to all of your fears with hosting your next corporate event.

 Host your next event at a fun venue

Hosting your event at our Atlanta corporate events venue, instead of a corporate office setting can liven up the night and bring your team together in a more social setting. At a venue, you can create any theme you want, which can be exciting to your team and motivate them to get involved with the activities of the night. At a our banquet hall in Atlanta, you will have space and help with venue staff to make sure your event runs smoothly, unlike boring office settings with the hope of some office help. Take your team out of their everyday work environment and watch as your team grows together, creating a better work environment for you as a company.


 Get out there and be interactive

Being interactive with your team is one of the best ways you can help build them to be better at their jobs. Devote a day to get out of the office and volunteer as a company for a charity or organization. Run a tournament for your team to see who helps out the most and make it fun and exciting. Not only are you bringing your company together as a team, but you are also getting them out there and helping out organizations that need volunteers. At the end of the day, your end up with a team of employees that feel great about what they did and love their jobs because they had a day off to contribute to a good cause.

 Competition can be good

Organize a company tournament with a sport of interest. It can be softball, golf, football, or even a fantasy team. Even better, involve another company you generally do business with for fun. Getting everyone involved will bring a great attitude to work. Not only that, but this can be a great way to bring your partners together on a yearly basis for a little fun.


Set up a day where your company hosts a cookout. Bring friends and family members to interact with fellow team members. This creates a great sense of partnership in the work environment and brings your team members closer together as they mix and mingle with each others families and friends.

Networking events

Hosting a networking event is fun and very exciting for all of your employees. This allows them to step out and meet new people without the pressure of being required to. Bring in clients and other companies in which you network with and allow your team to interact. Not only are you creating a fun environment for your team members to get to know surrounding companies in which you work with, it also allows those companies to see your team in action and brings a better sense of business to the table.


Whether you host your next corporate event in a fun venue, get involved with charities, create an interactive tournament, host a weekend cook-out, or get together for collaborating networking, your team will have a greater appreciation for what they do at their jobs and for you for taking the time to think out side the box to bring them together. Company events are all about showing appreciation for your employees, which we can all forget to do at times. Not only will it be rewarding for you as you watch your team grow positively, it will be rewarding for those involved and bring a greater image for what your company stands for because your employees are appreciated.

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The 5 Must Haves to Plan Your Next Corporate Event

Planning your next corporate event can be exciting and fun, but we also know it is a lot of work. Preparing your ideas beforehand can save you a lot of time and allow your planner to transform your concept in the blink of an eye. There are a few things you want to execute prior to preparing for your event. The first step is to brainstorm and meet with your planner. Now that your planner is there to help assist you, lets take a look of what is needed to make your event successful with little effort from your end.


Strategic Planning

For starters, you know better than anyone else, as a business owner that having a plan will make it easier to execute. Gather some ideas for your planner to work with. By doing this, your allowing your planner to know what exactly you have in mind and giving them the opportunity to do the work for you. You want to consider the following:

–   Reason for event

–    Budget

–    Guest count

–    Possible sponsorships

–    Creative ideas

Brand Unity

Give your planner an idea of your company brand. This will allow them to incorporate your brand image into your theme so that everything remains consistent. Your staff will remain focused on your company brand and not be distracted throughout the night with items irrelevant to your corporation.  If you have prepared items you would like your planner to work with, make sure you give everything to them at the beginning so they can surround their planning around your main ideas.

Goals for event

Other than having an event to show appreciation for your employees, corporate events always have additional reasons to bring everyone together. Teamwork outside of work helps to build the work force within the walls of your office. Interactive activities will bring your teams together and blow boring, traditional corporate events out of the water. So start at the beginning with fun presentations and ideal activities and work with your planner to make them come to life.


Trust in your planner

We understand you already have a lot on your plate with making sure the odds and ends are complete at the end of each work day, so let your planner take the reigns of planning your event. We are certified and here to make this process easier on you. Just provide us the basics needed to create the image you want and we will take it from there.

Have fun




Corporate events are known to be boring and dull these days and though you are known as the “head honcho” of your business, it is okay to relax and have some professional fun with the team that helps to grow your business everyday. These are the people that represent what you have worked so hard to build, so be active with them and participate in the activities planned for the night.  With the interactive events, state-of-the-art catering, and a professional event planner to make things run smoothly all night, you are bound to have a good time regardless if you want to or not.






Having a plan, bringing your company brand to your event, preparing your goals, trusting your planner to assist you, and being interactive with your attendees is what it takes to create the event everyone looks forward to every year. Start early and let your planner take it from there to bring your imagine to life. Not only will you be the “Big Boss” in the office, but also the best party host of the year.

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