Craft Service Tips for TV and Film Shoots

Many producers on film and television sets have learned the hard way that hungry crews are less productive than well-fed ones. It is not always enough to provide your crew with breakfast, lunch and dinner as shooting schedules may call for ten or twelve hour days. That is why the quality of the craft service you provide for your cast and crew is so critically important. Not only should meals provide energy boosts and fuel, there should be snack options available throughout the day. An easy rule of thumb is to provide variety, quality and longevity in the craft service food choices.


Among craft catering services for TV, variety is a wonderful perk for crew members. Cookies, pastries, doughnuts, fruit, vegetables, crackers, chips, beverages and candy are always favorites. While sweets appeal to most, healthy options tend to be the wiser choice, especially from a work performance standpoint. Here are a few ideas of both:

• Apples, bananas, pears

• Chopped carrots, broccoli, cauliflower with small pre-packed cups of dip

• Packaged granola bars

• Protein bars

• Doughnuts

• Pastries

• Rice cakes

• Package of string cheese


Generic brands are okay when you want to save money, but be wary of how your crew reacts to them. The last thing you want is for your crew to think they’re not worth the price of a name brand.


Provide snack foods that will stay fresh throughout the entire day. Individually packaged snacks are ideal as they come in appropriate single serving sizes and stay fresh until opened. Here are some ideas:

• Snack crackers

• Cookies

• Peanuts

• Mixed nuts

• Pistachios

• Cheese and crackers

• Chewing gums

• Packs of chewy fruit squares

• Wrapped mints

• Hard candies

As  a trusted Atlanta catering company Reception Hall International takes pride in offering  cost-effective, efficient catering while learning the favorite foods and tastes of the producers, staff, cast and crew of every project on which we work.

Our catering model provides workers with high quality food options in an organized, buffet-style setup that allows them to eat and get back to work as soon as possible. That way you can rest assured that your staff is well-fed and ready to perform at the drop of a dime.