Three Catering No-No’s to Avoid on Set

When you are on the movie set, choosing the right food to have catered for actors and crew members can be a big deal. Because shoots can last all day and even throughout the night, there needs to be some sort of sustenance available to keep everybody as alert and efficient as possible. While many larger production companies have their catering selections nailed down to a science (Tyler Perry Studios chooses to use Reception Hall Intl.), some smaller companies or independent film maker may be newer to the game. With that being said, if you’re in charge of arranging the catering menu for your production, be aware of the following “no-no’s” in regards to food and drink for cast and crew.

Alcohol on Set

It’s safe to say that those within the film industry are familiar with alcoholic beverages, but having them readily available for everyone to consume is just a bad idea. In fact, it could ruin the entire production. Having wine, beer or mixed drinks on set is one of the worst catering decisions that can be made. If at all possible, have alcohol completely banned from the shoot so you can avoid a drunken catastrophe altogether. After all, there will be plenty of alcohol to go around after work and at the wrap party.

Generic Foods

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having generic foods on set. It’s a great way to save some coin, but some would caution against having too many generic foods. Not because generic brands are substantially worse than name brands, but because your crew may interperate it the wrong way. If you give your crew too much cheap food, they may return the favor by providing you with subpar performance or work ethic. A good way to avoid this potential problem is to simply ask your cameramen and PA’s if they mind eating generic brands to save money, and acting accordingly.

Not Enough Food

This one should be a no-brainer, but it is absolutely necessary that you make sure that each and every member of the cast and crew (including yourself) has enough food to eat. That’s not to say that you need to provide enough for seconds or thirds, but there should be enough food for each person to have a full plate. Hungry actors and workers can make for an unproductive film shoot.

Catering On Set from Reception Hall Intl.

At Reception Hall Intl., we know that film production companies have to work within the monetary parameters that are given to them. Whether you need catering for an entire shoot or for one or two days, we’re here to exceed your expectations. Our award-winning chef will provide you with the highest quality cuisine in the industry at the most reasonable price points in Atlanta, and our staff will be available and ready to work with your production team whenever you need us. Movie production catering in Atlanta has never been easier.

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